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Cover art for issue three of Leather Lad.

Leather Lad is a series of furry adult graphic novels, depicting the adventures of the "City's newest vigilante superhero".

Created by Lapin Beau, the first issue was published by FurPlanet in June 2008, with a second appearing in July 2009, and a third in June 2011.


Issue 1[edit]

"It's a bird! It's a plane! ... NO! it's some perv in a leather costume."

Leather Lad is the City's newest vigilante superhero, with a passion for leather! With him around, The criminal underworld has to watch their asses, and we mean that literally. But he's not the only costumed deviant in town...

Issue 2[edit]

"In our second issue, Leather Lad and Mistress Belle team up to put a stop to the diabolical plans of the dastardly Doctor Libido!! Can the dirty duo foil his plans and protect the squeamish citizens once again?"

Issue 3[edit]

"In the long awaited and thrilling third issue, find out if Leather Lad can escape the clutches of Doctor Libido!"

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