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Lazer Hyena, previously known as Vaga Deathrose, Snappywolf, and Arie Mouse (real name Ryan Leaptrott; born July 22, 1987),[1] a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Otzberg, Germany. His fursona is a hyena.


Ryan has been in the fandom for several years, and changed fursonas a few times before deciding on a hyena. Previous fursonas included a mouse, wolf, and lion, who all remain characters of Lazer's, just no longer his main fursona.

As a character, Lazer was designed as an infamous space pirate. Maniacal, vicious, and crazy on one hand, on the other he can be silly, charming, and almost cute. The character stands at about 6'8" tall with taupe brown fur, black spots, paws, ears, and muzzle, and red and blue eyes. He is covered with quite a few facial piercings, including his nose, muzzle, ears, and eyebrow.

Lazer is also depeicted as a cub now and then, just for artistic purposes.

Activities in the fandom[edit]

Lazer is an active artist in the furry fandom, participating in several exchange communities on LiveJournal, including: 100x100 Exchange, Conbadges, Furotica Art Xchange, and the Real Media exchange. He also owns Arts_Exchange, an art trade community whose focus is on letting people create in whatever media they may desire, rather than limiting participants to one thing.

Lazer also enjoys attending Furry Weekend Atlanta every year, where he tends to occupy an Artist Alley table for around 15-20 hours (or more during the weekend). While there, Lazer loves to attend panels and other events (such as the fursuit parade), shop for new conbadges, and just relax with his friends.

Fursuits and other characters[edit]

Lazer has two fursuits: Mir (by Beetlecat), and Lazer (by SpaceMutt AKA Zim Gekko).

Other characters created by Lazer are Gigit Alien, Snappy (wolf), Jeffry (critter), Step (white lion), Arie (mouse), Taffy (lioness), Miriad (dragon), Olly (rat), Sniper (palm civett), and Raziel (ferretbadger).


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