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Laura Garabedian (born April 10, 1985)[1] is a freelance illustrator and creature designer who lives in Denver, Colorado, USA.[2]


As a child, Laura Garabedian was "the kid in elementary school who drew on everything".[3] A very engaged student, her only detentions arose from drawing horses on her math tests (after the work was complete). She was lucky enough to grow up in a family who was supportive of her artistic inclinations, if not rather concerned about the long term viability of such an endeavor.

After graduating from Texas A&M University (Commerce, with a degree in Illustration), Laura went through a brief stint as a creative director for small companies. When fate launched her out on her own, she took it as a sign to do what she had always dreamed of: create art for a living.

Laura was a special guest at Arizona Fur Con (2013), and a guest of honor at Central Plains Fur Con 2014[4] and Furry Fiesta 2016.[5]


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