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Larathen the Fat Raptor w/ bass

Larathen (real name Michael Sheridan, born March 13, 1988), is an furry artist who lives in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, USA. He was raised there with his mother, father, two sisters, two dogs, a cat, and a lizard.


After finishing his Freshman year at Rutgers University, majoring in Microbiology, he lost interest in the subject and decided to go with his first, and lifelong, dream that he had on the side; video game design. The reason he chose Microbiology first is because he thought it would impress his parents, but it wasn't his first interest.

He enrolled to Northampton Community College in Northampton County, Pennsylvania as of Fall 2007, majoring in Communication design. After a change of plans, he is now going to attend Warren County Community College to complete his Bachelor courses before studying game design.

Real life activities[edit]

Now living at home, Larathen mostly spends his days in his basement room working on his art, playing video games, spending time on his laptop, and sleeping. When he is not in his room, he's usually out with his group of friends that mostly play Super Smash Brothers Melee (his main characters that he uses are Luigi and Mr. Game & Watch), Gundam Battle Assault 2, Gears of War, and other games. His group of friends have a little ritual of going to the local Quick Chek at 3:00am to get some refreshments, or to the Tic-Toc Diner in the neighboring town of Easton, Pennsylvania.

Larathen also knows how to play the trombone, starting since fourth grade. He has performed in concert bands, jazz bands, basketball pep bands, marching bands, and wind ensembles. After playing some Guitar Hero and seeing some of his college friends playing guitar, Larathen bought his own bass guitar. The reasoning for wanting to play bass is because of one of his favorite bands, Primus. His guitar is a red Ibanez GSR 200L. He is the only left-hand guitarist of his friends.

About a week prior to moving into Rutgers, Larathen discovered that one of his favorite artists, dragon-chan, lives in the same city as his college. To this day they are close friends.

As of May 2007, he has been working at the local Panera Bread.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Current Larathen (Early 2007)
Larathen's fursona (2006)

Ever since he was just an infant, Larathen had admired all things that are reptilian from dinosaurs to dragons. When he was about one year old, his uncle from Manhattan gave him a green T-Rex plushy/doll. This sparked his interest in lizards. Larathen still possesses the plushy that he named Ziggy in still new condition.

Artistic background[edit]

Larathen is more of a scalie artist than a general furry artist. The majority of Larathen's art contains anthro works. Larathen started drawing in 2003. At the start of his career, Larathen had a small amount of art supplies to use from, only consisting of printer paper, a traditional #2 pencil, and a regular ballpoint pen. But later on, as he got a part time job, he was able to purchase his own proper art supplies. He mostly uses Micron pens to ink his art and Photoshop CS to color.

Larathen draws from the feet upwards as opposed to the more common practice of starting from the head downwards. He feels more comfortable with this style as it allows him to get the pose in before he can get the head in so his body proportions fit. He also will refuse to draw anything if his pencil does not contain a functional eraser, no matter what condition the actual pencil is.


Larathen's fursona is an anthropomorphic raptor. However, he does not portray his fursona as a realistic lean, nimble, agile raptor. Instead Larathen uses his fursona to portray how he would look in real life, from body weight to clothing style.

Larathen’s fursona has a somewhat chubby build with enough fat to have a gut, however not overly obese. On his chin, jaw, and head are frilly hair-like scales, a feature inspired by friend and fellow anthro artist Eerin (Irene). He also has glasses due to his myopic vision.

His clothing consists of either large black jeans that cover his feet, or long 3/4 shorts with striped thigh-hi's, and a regular t-shirt. In earlier wardrobes, Larathen wore a grey t-shirt that features words or emotes that corresponds to his mood, or the same shirt except black with orange text over orange longsleeves, and a a pair of black and white finger cut gloves. Around his neck he has orange lensed goggles with a black swirl on them, which he developed from his EnterVOID character. Currently, he is usually fashioned with a light-blue tee.

He also has a orange penis, which has been an inside joke and a major conversation point on YiffChat.

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