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A 'quick badge' of Langly by Savannah Horrocks.

Langly (born 1981) is a pansexual, polyamorous male writer and print-maker living in the WWFC. He lives with his boyfriend Nocturnophile and housemates SilverLynx and Thorn. Langly is very active in the furry community, often working behind the scenes to aid con staff, support struggling furs, and provide resources for furry artists. He also repairs and sells ToughBook laptops.


Langly is an anthropomorphic snowshoe hare/gray wolf hybrid (a.k.a. a bunnywolf). He looks mostly like a hare, with long ears, large, padless footpaws, a puffball tail and a rabbit nose. However, he has the elongated muzzle and sharp teeth of a wolf, lupine hands, a fluffy neck-ruff, and wolf coloration. He has long, dark gray headfur and stormy gray eyes. The character is dominant in all situations, and prefers the company of rabbits, foxes and felines.

Printing services[edit]

Langly sells his services as a print-maker, providing high quality prints in a large number of sizes and papers, both gloss and matte. Unlike the typical print services offered online and in brick-and-mortar establishments, Langly will print adult content and is happy to help and support his customers every step of the way. He has provided printing services for Farore Nightclaw, ECMajor, RudeTheFox, and a number of other non-furry artists in the past. If you are interested in high-quality printing services, you may contact Langly via his Fur Affinity page or Gmail address.

Conventions & meets[edit]

Langly has attended AnthroCon 2007-present, Midwest Furfest 2005-present, and RainFurrest 2009. He attends the MNFurs Spring and Fall picnics whenever he can, and can sometimes be found at their bi-monthly furmeets.

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