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Lang Lang
Author(s) Jodi Tong, Stickdevil (2002-2007)
Update schedule weekly
Launch date July 3 2000
End Date ongoing
Web PG

Lang Lang is an online comic drawn by Jodi Tong, aka J3T. It features the adventures of a young Siamese kitten named "Lang Lang", her triplet sisters Mei Mei and Zhu Zhu, and the many friends, love interests and adults. It is playful and comedic, and uses absurdist humor (a-la Monty Python), physical comedy, slapstick, and cute kids. It is generally updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As of July 2006, it has celebrated its sixth year online. From 2002-2007 it was co-written (uncredited) by Stickdevil, who contributed many of the characters' personality quirks and storylines. The partnership ended when the two stopped dating.

On March 31st 2008, Jodi Tong stated that the comic would be retired as soon as the latest story arc finished, citing boredom and frustration with the restrictions of a PG-13 rating.[1] As of this edit, there have been no updates on the comic or the comic's website since that time.

Main characters[edit]

Lang Lang - The title character, a young, cute, intelligent kitten who was adopted from a Hong Kong orphanage into a loving American family. She is outgoing and cheerful, and is not above playing tricks on those who deserve it. She has short brown hair.

Zhu Zhu - One of Lang Lang's triplet sisters. She was originally working as an acrobat in a traveling circus with Ringmaster and Madam, which led to some confusion when Lang Lang and her parents went to see the circus. After some initial confusion (Zhu Zhu was mistaken for Lang Lang) things were sorted out and the sisters were united. They now attend the same school. She has very short hair and is a bit of a tomboy.

Mei Mei - One of Lang Lang's triplet sisters. She was originally adopted by a family in London, and encountered Lang Lang as an exchange student. Her parents were killed in a car crash, and after the funeral, Lang Lang's parents adopted her. She now lives with Lang Lang. She has long hair and normally wears a skirt.

Leah - Leah is a rabbit, and the only prey species of the group. She is a born hippie and is friends with the triplets. She is flighty but intelligent and kind.

Penny - A fox with orange hair and a cheery attitude. She has been friends with Lang Lang since the very beginning. She is a bit of a schemer and prankster, and often assists Lang Lang in her pranks. She loves candy.

Missy - An afghan hound and originally the leader of the cheerleading squad and Joey's main love interest. She is prissy and greedy, and is always trying to get the best of Lang Lang. This mostly stems from the fact that Lang Lang has eclipsed her on the cheerleading team, and Joey's love interest has shifted to Lang Lang as well. Her schemes rarely succeed.

Joey - A smart young wolf who is captain of the football team and Lang Lang's primary love interest. At first Joey seemed almost uneasy around Lang Lang, but over time he has grown used to her ways and often plays the strait man to her sarcastic ways.

Chris - A cheetah and a lovable scamp. Joey's best friend and Mei Mei's primary love interest. A goofy, hopeless romantic, he is also very loving and kind.

Minor characters[edit]

Mom and Dad - Lang Lang's adoptive parents, and now also the adoptive parents of Mei Mei and the de-facto parents of Zhu Zhu. Their true names are never mentioned. Dad works in marketing while Mom is a stay-at-home housewife. They are happy, cheerful parents who love their children.

Jordan - Joey's older brother.

Mandy - Chris's younger sister. When she witnessed Zhu Zhu rescuing Chris, she assumed that very tomboy-ish Zhu Zhu was a boy. No one has realized this mistake and corrected her on it, so she has a bit of a crush on Zhu Zhu.

Mr. And Ms. Klein (Selena and Jim) - Chris and Mandy's parents. Selena is a lawyer, while Jim is an architect and real estate agent. They are loving and intimate, and dedicated parents. Selena is a bit of a seductress while Jim is somewhat goofy and clumsy.

Ringmaster and The Madam - The Ringmaster is a liger and The Madam is a lioness; their true names are never revealed. They own a touring circus. While touring in Asia, Madam wanted children, however with the ringmaster being a Liger, he is unable to have children so they adopted Zhu Zhu.

Miss Lamb - The homeroom teacher of Lang Lang and her sisters and friends.

Coach Raquel and Coach Vin - Lang Lang and crew's PE teachers. In the summer, Vin works as a lifeguard and Raquel works as a waitress. Raquel is J3T's personal avatar. Vin belongs to StickDevil.


  1. News item on Lang Lang's front page dated March 31st 2008.

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