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Lance Foxx (born February 5, 1979) is an American furry artist that lives in Oceanside, California. He specializes in transformation art, but has dabbled in fursuiting and literature.

Artistic history[edit]

Lance began posting on the newsgroup alt.horror.werewolves in 1997. Until he found the Were and Furry communities online, like many, he thought he was alone with his interest in shapeshifting dreams and related artwork.

He related dreams, posted some limited artwork and photographs, and shared were-related experiences, including potential physical shifts, on his first webpage at Geocities. He soon moved to FurNation and by 1999, started posting more artwork, mainly transformational artwork to a site called Transfur. In 2000, he began to explore the furry community to decide what "kinks" he liked and what he didn't like.

He was surprised to found out that a lot of really weird and bizarre furry fetishes did actually interest him. He began hanging out in vore chatrooms, for example, and started to draw his character in prey related scenarios. He also got into inflation, merging, transgender and inanimate transformations, cybernetics, taur forms, and much more, mainly centered around TF interests.

In 2003, Lance involuntarily left Transfur. 2003 was a bad year as a close friend betrayed his trust and forced him and his mate Burrwolf to find a new place to live with only three days to do so. They lost a few things in the process, including a car and a classic boat.

Today, Lance is most active in his LiveJournal and occasionally attends conventions in the SoCal area.


Lance joined the US Navy in 1997 and experienced more active duty in 1998. In late 2001 to 2002, he was stationed off the coast of Pakistan as aid for the US Marine Corps in Operation Enduring Freedom. Lance returned home in 2002 where he was discharged from the Navy. He is currently enlisted in the Navy Reserve, and has a civilian job as a security guard.


Lance had attended ConFurences 10 and 12, but he considers his first real furry convention Anthrocon 2004. Lance has also attended both Further Confusion 2005 and Further Confusion 2006. He has never had a dealer's table, but hopes to do so in the future. Lance had expressed wishes to attend Further Confusion 2007, but has been unable to do so.[1]

He was surprised with his very first fursuit, made by Ysengrin Blackpaw and DarkFang Blackpaw of Running Wolf Productions. He donned the suit at FurCon '06 and took part in the parade.[2]


Character wise, Lance plays himself. His character is very personal to him because it's not a separate personality. He views his "Lance Foxx" character as himself, only furry. His character began as a normal fox. He has always known how he has looked because he has seen himself in dreams. His has golden orange fur, yellow eyes, black ears, white underbelly, and a bushy white tipped tail. The black of his fox "gloves" goes as high as halfway up towards the elbows on his arms and halfway up to the knees on his legs. He stands digitigrade and can shapeshift. He started out with it always being an interest of his "character" but very difficult to do. He tried to give himself a bit of a learning curve with real time and over the years, he made his character slowly get better at it. In 2003, while in an RP, he made the first permanent change to his character in which he became a liquid shapeshifter. This was inspired by Terminotaur and TOS, two online friends who also had liquid shapeshifting characters. He has never regretted the change and has been very thankful for it. Now he can shapeshift easily, but limits himself by his ability to concentrate on it and by having the will power to do so. He can make himself solid, as he clearly remembers what it was like to be that way, but he can "slip" into liquid form quite easily.



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