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Lambda, art by CombatRacoon

Lambda is a furry fan, software engineer, system administrator, and consultant who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA with Fizzbin the cat.


Lambda attended Drexel University. He is currently a software engineer and consults on on web, Android, and data science projects.

Outside work and the occasional side project, Lambda enjoys smoking his pipe, playing bass guitar, and wandering around the city. Other hobbies include studying foreign languages, tinkering with electronics, and lock picking. He identifies as biromantic asexual. He is also a devoted user of Emacs, Fedora Linux, and Android; is obsessed with functional programming (particularly the Lisps and Haskell); and maintains an stalwart affinity for the Oxford Comma.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Lambda's fursona is an Arctic fox, sporting a coat of white, light blue, and charcoal fur with a bright green mane. His name refers to the Lambda Calculus.

Convention attendance[edit]

Lambda has attended:

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