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Laini (born January 1985) is a furry who lives on the west coast of Scotland. His fursona is a grey-furred rabbit with long blond hair. Originally his fursona was a wolf, but he changed to rabbit in April 2008.

He discovered furry around 2000 and has been active in the fandom since late 2004.

Meet and con attendance[edit]

Laini's first meet was a London Furs meet in November 2005 and he has been to a few since. He attended Eurofurence XI, XII and XIII. Since returning to Scotland from Cambridge he has been to a few Glasgow Furmeets but is not a regular attendee.

Name origins[edit]

Originally known as PopDog (an abbreviation of a name he came up with in order to play Quake II online back in 1997) he changed his name to Laini (Swahili for "gentle") in February 2006.

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