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Burmese Python.

Burmese Python is the name of a furry photographic artist and writer, and is also the species of his original fursona. He creates and sells collars, cuffs, harnesses, leashes and other products under business name of Lagarto Custom Leather.

Burmese Python discovered furry fandom in 1998 after finding furry artwork on the internet, and began conversing with other furs by e-mail. In 2000, he attended a fur meet where he met his future mate, Hyper.

In 2001, Python and Hyper attended Fur-B-Q 4, and Python decided to launch his website, yiffing.org.[1] Since then, he has attended numerous furry conventions, including Anthrocon, EuroFurence, Califur, Furry Connection North, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Further Confusion, Mephit Fur Meet, Midwest FurFest, RainFurrest, RBW and Rocket City FurMeet.

Burmese Python currently lives in the Netherlands with a collection of Burmese (tiger) Pythons, and Short-Tailed Blood Pythons. He is the owner of the for-pay pornography sites BeastPaint.com (gay), Fursuitsex.com (gay) and Fursuitsex.net (hetero).


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