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Ladder Trick was a column written by Nick Mamatas that was published by the Greenwich Village Gazette (now known as from October 1998, to its last published column on June 2001.

Currently, Mamatas is a novelist, short story author, and editor.

Ladder Trick and furry[edit]

On August 18, 2000, a Ladder Trick piece was penned by Mr. Mamatas titled "Three Feet High And Falling: Reform Party Self-Destructs, Saves Universe From Stupidity."

Article's sum and substance[edit]

An article which focused on unusual quirks of several Reform Party candidates as evidence of the party's imminent collapse. These were John Hagelin's belief in Transcendental meditation, Pat DiNizio's backyard-concert crusades against Hillary Clinton, and Arizona gubernatorial candidate Scott Malcomson's involvement with Furry fandom.

Malcomson's segment[edit]

Mamatas attacked Malcomson's involvement with Furry fandom, including references to roleplaying on FurryMUCK with his fictional fursona Roy Calbeck, a reference to adult furry artwork, and his involvement with Burned Furs, a furry hate group which:

Ladder Trick
wishes to see the perverts who are members of fandom go back to the closet
Ladder Trick
Mamatas concluded his segment by saying
Ladder Trick
Malcomson abandons the real world for a utopian fantasy where just thinking hard enough makes good things happen.
Ladder Trick

Malcomson and Mamatas[edit]

After the article's publication, Malcomson wrote an email to Mamatas questioning the author's journalistic standards as being without objectivity, as he had during a prior confrontation over Mamatas' misrepresentation of Furry fandom as a whole (see below). This led to a heated series of emails, some of which were reproduced on the press review website Pressed Fur.

Prior confrontation[edit]

Mamatas had previously been challenged by Malcomson for writing a similarly slanted attack piece on Furry fandom which concluded that it:

Ladder Trick
truly has something for stare at with a peculiar mixture of horror and intrigue
Ladder Trick

The piece primarily covered the various sexual fetishes to be found in the fandom, glossing over its non-sexual aspects early in the article, and concentrating instead on such topics as sex with Warner Brothers characters and bestiality activism.

Malcomson's challenge consisted primarily of informing Mamatas that the fandom was home to all genres and all ratings, that this included G, PG and R-rated material as well as X, and that his article was therefore misleading with its singular focus.

Mamatas, in response, cited founder of "gonzo journalism" Hunter Thompson in stating that "objectivity is a myth".

Fandom's reaction[edit]

While being discussed in such forums and groups as, [1] the Pressed Fur site called this article:

Ladder Trick
Specifically unique because this might be the first time a Burned Fur has ever gotten the (mostly negative) public spotlight
Ladder Trick


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