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Promotional artwork for LUMINE Season 2, taken from creator's Twitter.
Author(s) Emma Krogell
Update schedule Weekly (Sundays)
Launch date May 7, 2017
End Date Ongoing
Genre Fantasy, drama

LUMINE is a fantasy/drama webtoon created by Emma Krogell and published by WEBTOON.


A runaway werewolf, Lumine, meets a witch boy named Kody and is being hired to work as his bodyguard. Lumine, being determined to befriend Kody, tries everything to get him to trust him, while Kody tries to keep Lumine away from himself.

Their life gets even more complicated after an unfortunate event that leaves them to try to survive on their own.


Official Trailer #1 published by WEBTOON on 27 December, 2017
Official Trailer #2 published by WEBTOON on 23 August, 2018
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