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The Furliminati
Author(s) Owners: ?
Status Ongoing
Launch date January 2006 - February 2010 (as "")
  • September 2010 - ? (as "The Furluminati")
End date  ?
Genre Critic forum
Site is not yet Rated.
Former "" logo

The Furluminati, formerly known as LOLfurries, was a webforum whose members focus on what they believe are negative aspects of the furry fandom. Due to the forum's content and attitude, The Furliminati was sometimes considered an anti-fur site. Members consistently denied this "anti-fur" stance publicly.[citation needed]


  • (January 2006) The board was founded by Furtopia emigrants whose posts often caused friction with what they perceive as Furtopia's restrictive forum rules. They left in January of 2006, forming a temporary BBS while pursuing webspace and purchasing a domain name.
  • In March of 2006, the website transferred over to a new location. Many posters to LOLfurries where in good standing at Furtopia, and some Furtopia posters joined LOLfurries. Conflicts with Furtopia were an occasional topic on the board, however.
  • In June of 2007 Koogs handed control of LOLFurries over to 40oz Hyena (Mik Genocide) and Icono, and proceeded to disappear from the furry scene (to gafiate.)
  • In March 2008, the Furtopia forum site was hacked and went down. Administrator WhiteShepherd blamed LOLfurries for the attack, claiming that passwords had been posted on LOLfurries' own forum. However, regulars of LOLfurries disclaimed direct responsibility for the hacker's actions.
  • On March 2, 2007 the website was replaced by a suspension notice from server administrator RabidRick criticizing those users and administrators who condoned vandalism. By the end of 3 March, the website was completely removed.

Post Furtopia attacks[edit]

On March 12, 2007, it was brought back online, but with Rabid Rick no longer the owner of the domain, but now:

The Furluminati
"Under the control of 'The True LOLFurs' "
The Furluminati

With Rabid Rick no longer involved with the site due to the the friction over the February attacks on Furtopia. 40oz Hyena reported that everything was:

The Furluminati
Quite swell... Not to worry, our LULZ Generators are back up to full running capacity
The Furluminati


On February 2010, Icono closed the site for unknown reasons, while all activity moved to the LiveJournal community, LMAO FURRIES.


On September 2010, came back online, forum only, under the prior fake "furry" term, "The Furluminati".

In 2016, Furliminati closed its forum website and moved its community to Slack.[1]

Tumbles The Stair Dragon[edit]

Stop hand.png The factual accuracy of this section is disputed. (discuss)

LOLFurries is best known for their direct involvement with the Tumbles the Stair Dragon incident at FWA 07.[citation needed] LOLFurries ejected Tumbles from one of their room parties. They were shortly thereafter credited as the ones who coined the name Tumbles the Stair Dragon.

Several LOLFurs were present at the smoking area where Tumbles jumped, including 40oz Hyena and Icono.[citation needed]

Babyfur PSA[edit]

On April 25 released two Public Service Announcements that were intended for Babyfurs. The videos parodied anti-drug and alcohol PSAs. claimed it was sending "A message of hope" to Babyfurs and wanted to offer help to 'Heal' them.

The two Public Service Announcements released by LOLFurries:

Splinter Groups[edit]

The Infurgency[edit]

The Infurgency is/was a small splinter group from LOLFurries comprised mostly of furries who are also Anonymous. Getting their name from the former /i/nsurgent board on 420chan, which was a section dedicated to raids and trolling. Their main activity is trolling and raiding of other furries for their own amusement, or as they say, "For the lulz."

The administrators from the original forum denied any involvement with The Infurgency, although they, and the LOLFurries as a website, had been accused of "Providing a safe haven" for members of the group.[citation needed] After these allegations were made in the form of an email to 40oz Hyena, one of the administrators, responded by saying:

The Furluminati
"As far as the Infurgency goes. Yes, there are folks on here who claim to be Infurgents. But that is none of my business. As long as they don't break of the rules on LOLFurries, (which includes a request not to post hacking or raid threads) I have no reason to ban them. It is not the job of me, or any of the other Administrators of to be peoples parents. I don't care what they do outside of LOLFurries
The Furluminati

When asked right after if any of the administrators were members of The Infurgency, 40oz Hyena responded in a very short email:

The Furluminati
That really is none of your business. lol
The Furluminati


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