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J.L. Anderson, also known as Jayelle Anderson (real name Jennifer L. Anderson) is a comic artist and writer who lives in the Northwest USA. She is creator of fantasy webcomic Anaria, which first began in 2014.[1][2] Another webcomic, called The Pixie Clover, started in early 2017 and was originally available to patrons who support Jayelle on her Patreon site.[3] The first page of The Pixie Clover was posted on her main website section for public viewing on January 1, 2018.[4]

Jayelle has also been a contributor to issues of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, credited under her real name.[5] Along with writer Alex Kain and illustrator Rachel Bennett, she contributes guest artwork for a story called The Scholar and the Seawal which is a side comic of Beyond the Western Deep.[6]


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