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The Kzin (singular: Kzin, plural, Kzinti), are a felinoid race in Larry Niven's Known Space universe. The race is extremely aggressive, using the 'scream and leap' philosophy of warfare, and, at the point of first contact with humans, technologically advanced. They nearly subjugated the human race after first contact, especially since humans, at that point in time, had become a pacifist race.

The Kzinti are a male-dominated society, so much so that the females of the race were specifically bred to be of lesser intelligence than the males. A female's only role in their society is to be a breeder.

In the Man-Kzin Wars series of anthologies, several stories describe the Zoo-Planet Kzinti, an isolated, low-technology, population which has intelligent females.

The race has also made appearances in other works of Niven's beyond Known Space, including an episode of the animated series of Star Trek which Niven wrote. This appearance led them to be included in the Star Fleet Universe also.

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