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For the artist in Arizona, see Kyubi Spunkywolf.
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Cubey "Kyubi" Kal'tarhanthropomorphic fox, member of polish furry fandom.

Cubey and his fox fursona portrayed by Edi
Cubey Indiana Fox, brave fox archeologist portayed by NekoYoukaii
Cubey and hix fox fursona portayed in erotic pose. Portrait created by Edi

As his height is not varying from average, 180 cm enables him to hide efficiently in crowd, as well as preeminence over it. His physiognomy slightly differs from most of his kinds. This is because of the remnants of the past, when he was powerful demon Kitsune. His trademarks are certainly silver ring, worn on his ring-finger of the left paw (as a sign of belonging to an important person to him), the-only golden ring, which he keeps always hidden (only few know where it is hold) and dog tags, which are also worn by him for most of the time. His coat on the other hand, is quite common. Cubey fur is ginger color, he has whitish snout and black socks on feet.


For over two years, Cubey was a part of group of malignant demons called Kitsune. However, one day he was convicted to banishment, that was the punishment for staying with common animals for too long. This was not consistent with Kitsune clan code of conduct. Vicious creatures took away from him four of his tails and all his mystical powers – he became just normal fox. Although he longed not his previous life as he is now living among his friends, and friendship is something that he value the most.


Cubey belongs to the group of „new” polish furry fandom members group. He owns his fursona for more than 3 years, however he is part of the fandom since 2008. Despite short time spend in the fandom he managed to take an active part in fandom life, including being one of the author of the idea of creation Polfurs patches (and also coordinator for this action). What is more, he was helping to organize Futrzakon convention in 2008 and was main organizer for following three next editions of this event (2009-2011). He is also moderator of “Movie” section on Polfurs website, and also one of the admins for polish version of WikiFur.

Private life[edit]

Cubey is alumnus of one of the Warsaw academies. His main interests are cinematography, photography and cosplay. He is a maniac of old Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future series. Moreover, he is one of the most active and most recognizable people in polish Star Wars fandom, some people calls him even the most important animators of whole fandom scene in Poland, however he disagrees with this opinion.

His main passion is organizing conventions, meets, events and happenings, and he is involved in this since 2005. He was supporting or organizing inter alia following events – Polcon, editions 2007 and 2009, CorusCon edition 4th, and events related to Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity since 2006 and many, many more different charity events as well. He had his own contribution in organization of first polish furry convention – Futrzakon 2008. He was officially co-organizer of Futrzakon 2009 being programme coordinator. During the 3rd and 4th edition he was the main organizer of the convention. In 2012 year together with Kot and Gravedigger, as main organizer he organized first edition of Futerkon.

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