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Kyoujin by Muzz.

Kyoujin (born June 7th, 1986), the spotted hyena, is a bisexual furry artist and a former Fur Affinity administrator, previously living in Indiana, now living in Seattle, Washington, USA. Kyoujin is also founder of menwithmachineguns, an electronic based music project that focuses on remixing and covering music from classic video games, which he posts on YouTube. He also works as a developer in the video game industry, and has worked on several AAA titles.[clarify][citation needed]

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Kyoujin believes his first introduction towards the furry fandom began when he got into Pokemon and roleplaying back in 1998. Andrew originally used the nickname "Kyoujin" for one of his characters in late 1999/early 2000, though soon afterwards began to use it as his own nickname for games when he became sponsored and began to compete in tournaments, as he felt the name fit his playing style. Kyoujin is a Japanese term, some of the definitions include "madman", "lunatic", and "assassin's dagger."

In 2001, after stumbling upon furry pictures by viewing Pokemon related art, Kyoujin joined LiveJournal, and eventually began to jump into the furry community. It wasn't long after he joined websites like deviantART and began to draw, though he states that it was rare back then.


Kyoujin's fursona is a short 5'3" spotted hyena with blue eyes. His hair consists of only black bangs that usually fall in front of his face, usually off to one side or the other. The rest of his head is just covered in brownish, messy-styled fur. Piercings include a purple barbell in his left eyebrow and tongue, as well as random numerous piercings in his ears.

Kyoujin also has an alternative pokesona, an anthropomorphic mewtwo.


Kyoujin has been drawing since around 2001, though he's only really been drawing seriously since around 2006. Although a lot of his older art was done with a mouse in OpenCanvas, his newer line art is usually done traditionally, while the colors are rendered in Photoshop CS3.


  • Is of German/Irish descent.
  • He is the first person to publicly have their fursona drawn with the Elites from the videogame Halo.[citation needed]
  • Owner of a [[W:Tesla_Roadster_Sport|Tesla Roadster Sport] high end model. Also the previous owner of a 300ZX Z32.
  • Plays the piano/keyboard and has done vocals for several bands in the past.

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