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KuschelGarou, drawn by TaniDaReal

KuschelGarou is a german Timberwolfess. She can be found online on FurNet (IRC) (#wolfsrudel, #fuchsbau) or the Furbase Forum.

KuschelGarou can appear in four forms. The first is a 'normal', quadruped wolf-form, in which she is about 85 cm tall. In her bigger wolf-form it's already 1,45 m. There is also an anthro-form, where she's about 1,80 m tall and has digitigrade hind legs, and her were-form with a size of 3,14 m.

In both wolf-forms she has medium-grey fur with almost white breast and belly, a long black mane with an plaited hank. Also black are her eartips and paws, starting at knee and elbow. She has a fox-like black boomerang-marking on the side of her muzzle with a black stripe on top, going from nose to forehead. Her back is covered with a black stripe, which is going all the way down to the tail an ends in a black tailtip. As for her tail, it's more like the one of a fox than a typical wolftail: big and fluffy.

The colors are the same in both biped forms, just the boomerang is missing.

KuschelGarou is not too thin, but also not too beefy - something right in the middle. In here were-form, her paws are covered with the typical long fur-hangings.

She is wearing a silver ring (and accordingly a silver bracelet in her quadruped form) on her right paw since she married CyberFox.

KuschelGarou is always very kind and friendly, patiently and of good nature. Her biggest hobby - besides singing under the shower - is drawing and her art can be found on deviantArt and Fur Affinity.

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