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Kurt Folf, also known as FolfHavoc (born January 24),[1] is an anthro artist, musician and furry YouTuber who lives in the United States.[1]


Kurt Folf's fursona is a 5'9" grey, white, and black-colored folf with red diamond-shaped eyes, blue hair, a moustache, and a goatee. Kurt's outfit of choice is mostly a blue jacket and red shirt, but as years went by, he felt like his fursona needed different outfits to not make him look bland.

Kurt's other fursona is a cyan and green colored Coonyote (Raccoon Coyote Hybrid) named Crook. [2]


Kurt's hobbies include playing video games, making music and drawing. Kurt made a now unfinished and defunct comic known as Days Of A Folf, a story about how his fursona got into the music making business. Kurt is the creator of the music label "GrindFolf Hitz" where he helps promote furry musicians and his own music, which he has under 4 names for 4 different genres, Fangmouth Gallatin The Crux for Dubstep, Mystyk the Cat for Electro House, FolfHavoc for his mashup music, which he labels the genre as "Shitpostia" and Jack Kenwood for his own music on GarageBand. Kurt originally used MSPaint for his artwork, before switching to FireAlpaca. Some say the most noticiable things about his art are the jagged sharp lines, derpy expressions and sharp teeth on characters. Kurt's choice of making music is with GarageBand, though when making music for FolfHavoc, he uses MixmeisterFusion. Besides making music and art, Kurt also hosts a podcast called Paw'dcast.


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