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Kurisuchan Furô, also known as Kurisu, SDM6784904 on Fur Affinity, and SuperDigiFlow on deviantART (born on January 1, 1993), is an artist who always uses mostly MS Paint (bitmap media), to do his art, and Notepad for text document to do his stories and/or written episodes.

Fandom involvement[edit]


  • Although mostly shown in human form, Kurisu's common fursona is a Blue-furred Alaskian Husky with light-blue patches under his eyes, topped at his ears, and works down from the nose of his muzzle to his waist in the center. He also has a light stripe on his back and stretches to the tip of his tail- although he has a dark stripe under the tail. Knowing this, he tries hard not to look like a skunk. He describes his character living in a Fantasy universe where he meets Japanese-animated characters and is the "leader" of his own team. His character also lives with two others-- one, a humanized version of a Digimon named Teirumon, and the other, a Yellow-furred Female Fox Anthro, named Kassidy Kitsune (whom Kurisu had created).
  • Kassidy Kitsune is somewhat of a happy-go-lucky (and sometimes strict and even caring) Yellow-furred fox Kitsune, whom happens to have the same light body patterns as Kurisuchan's fursona, but her ears, instead, have purple zigzags all around both of her ears. Even though she's the only adult of the trio- and not only does she wears the diapers- most diaperfurs should know that she's ALSO an experimentalist in using the fabled Fountain of Youth Water as Age Regression to shrink others (even herself, if she wants to) to babies.

Baby/Diaperfur experience[edit]

Although an ally of a friendly team, the LyokoWarriors, Kurisu is also interested in the Babyfur culture, and mostly does diaper art by request or on his own. Despite of this fact, one of his characters, Kassidy, is Kurisu's choice of a caretaker for both Teiru and Kurisu.

Even upon knowing- and despite the fact Kassidy is an adult - he has wound up being incontinent (diaper-dependant) after her Kitsune parents died (as Kassidy, though, survived). She later was healed at a nearby Hospital and was incontent ever since.


Kurisuchan, throughout his life, has encountered working on series, which are both drawn and written. Such as:

  • Ongoing:
    • Code Lyo-Komics - Comic series about Kurisu's life, with plenty of furry guest appearances!
    • http://www.clyokoart.weebly.com Code Lyoko™ Battle Brawlers - Kurisu's life is made in this series. He sometimes regrets making the title, but keeps it there.
    • The Baby Kitsune Kids - Joining the diaper-life with Kassidy and the regressed versions of Kurisuchan and Teirumon.
    • Pokémon of Lyoko - This series of craziness features the full team of LyokoWarriors (Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, Jeremy, Aelita, William, Teirumon and Kurisuchan - plus few others by requests) shown as Pokémons from the famous "Pokémon" series, and become a new Rescue Team to help the Pokémon Universe.
  • Discontinued:
    • SuperDigimon: The Series - The great parody of the original "Digimon", Kurisuchan becomes SuperDigimon (his virtual ego form), and with his pals WereGaruruMike and Gaomon, pledges to help D.A.T.S. (Data Accidental Tatics Squad) (from Digimon Data Squad) and fight against digital evil.
    • Code bakugan - Code Lyoko" and "Bakugan Battle Brawlers" combined to imitate some of the same scripted battle sequences from "Bakugan" with "Code Lyoko" characters, including Kurisuchan himself.
  • On hold:
    • The Gato-Girl (Teiru-Shoujo™) movie series - A "LarryBoy" and "Digimon" crossover (including Kassidy and Kurisuchan) as Teirumon suits up in a new super-hero costume and amazingly saves Tokyo, Japan, from bad guys.... and bad Digimon.
    • Digijinka- Human Digital Monsters
    • Digijinka follows the same exact dialogue from "Digimon", but the Digimon become humanized and become the DigiDestined themselves.

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