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Kurisuchan Furō, also known as Kurisu Furo, (born on January 21st, 1993), is an artist who uses mostly MS Paint (just "Paint" or "Bitmap"), to do his art, and Notepad document to do his stories and/or his written "episodes". In the recent years, his art and style has "progressed and evolved" more semi-realistically while still holding on to his "fantasy" concept. It is noticeable in the characters' sizes and proportions, as well as himself in his own artworks.

He has a variety of interests, such as Code Lyoko, Bakugan, Digimon, Pokémon, as well as playing video games, drawing and writing. He claims he can be distracted easily.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Kurisu's character is basically himself (Kurisu Furo) and through the years, he has built up a lot of adventure, forms and abilities. In Lyoko, his outfit is more like a digital space warrior. He uses a vast array of abilities, but the ones he uses most are his LyokoCode and SuperSpeed. His weapons are his "SuperSaber" and "BlasterGun", weapons from "Power Rangers Ninja Storm", and can conjoin them to form a Hyper Arrow that is supposedly stronger than Odd's Laser Arrows (from Code Lyoko).

  • Although mostly shown in human form, Kurisu's fursona is a Blue-furred Alaskian Wolf-Husky hybrid with light-blue patches under his eyes, topped at his ears, and works down from the nose of his muzzle to all the way down to the crotch. He also has a light stripe on his back and stretches to the tip of his tail- although he has a dark stripe under the tail.
  • He has other fursonas, and forms he can change to - via a transformable device or otherwise otherworldly forces. Such as the ability to "Digivolve" while he is in his Lyoko suit, or uses a watch to turn into different "Pokémon" of his choosing.

His "Digivolution" line consists of himself as Rookie level, using his SuperSaber and such for his main abilities. No "In-Training" or "Baby" forms were identified.

  • His Champion form, NeonDigimon, resembles an older Kurisu in an armored helmet and a warped version of his outfit, clad with a cape and a staff. His staff is embedded with gems that can fire spirit lasers. His attacks are Staff Laser and a charged up Neon Staff Power Attack, and can shield attacks using the Neon Shield Pyramid.
  • His Ultimate form, BeastOmegaMon, is basically his fursona, but in a feral stance and 5 times the normal size, clad in a space-like outfit built into his "fur". His jaws are powerful and his claws are sharp, and can make it to his destination within a short time thanks to his speed. He can do Beast Strike, which is just that, and Nitro Missile, firing projectiles from the "belt" area.
  • His Mega form was highly judged, but after a long while, after being transformed into a Dragonoid Bakugan and continued to evolve, he made himself as Dragomon, using the wings and Abilities of a Dragonoid to fly in the air and attack his foes. He can use such as Dragon Spur and Dragon Astral, and even Dragon Over Cannon and Dragon Eternal Force for an astounding blast. Though being Mega level, he can transform into Dragomon easily as a form.


While his choice of characters aren't exactly "original", he uses various groups of characters from cartoons or anime.

  • As such, are the Lyoko Warriors from the French cartoon "Code Lyoko". Aelita Schaeffer, Jeremie Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Yumi Ishiyama, Ulrich Stern, and William Dunbar, respectively. A semi-created humanoid version of the antagonist "X.A.N.A." was made as a character as well.
  • Teiru Furomon, a humanized female Gatomon from Digimon, was created from his childhood. She was brought in to live with Kurisu's character and Kassidy, shortly before Aelita set off to do her own things. Now she is adopted under Kassidy's care. Teiru, though being semi-human, still got to keep her Digimon powers and a little of her appearance.
    • There are other Digimon humanized, such like Renamon, Guilmon, Terriermon, Veemon and others. Known as "DigiJinkas", human Digital Monsters.
  • Kassidy Kitsune is a "kitsune", a mythological magic fox, created to be the motherly guardian on the character group. Her fur is yellow and light-yellow, with zig-zags on her ears. Though a kitsune should have nine tails, she was only born with one tail. Very BARELY does she concern herself with magic, but that doesn't mean she doesn't use magic at all. She involves herself with diapers and baby things a bit too much, but she knows when enough is enough to take care of her "children". The only problem is that she herself too is diaper-dependant, but that doesn't stop her from anything.
    • Her parents, George and Angela Kitsune, died in a car crash, which led her to her bladder problems (while in the back seat), and the hopeful heart to keep moving forward with her parents in her heart.
  • Other characters include other fur friends and users who Kurisuchan has befriended. Such as, a baby kitten named Sierra Rose Star - or BabyKitty Sierra, a gold male fox by the name of HadesFox and his family of Renamon and fox hybrids, and others.
    • One other character goes by the name of Alexis-the-Senmurv, a anthro wolf with the wings of an eagle who associates with the Sonic The Hedgehog universe, along with MegaMan, Pokémon, and Lyoko, mostly.

Baby/Diaperfur experience[edit]

Since Kurisu was at least 14 years old, he has found FurAffinity and was instantly hooked on the babyfur aspect. Shortly after, he made his deviantART account and proceeded to put his art there, as well as some of his other stuff there. His involvement began with the Rugrats cartoon (the first movie in this case) and it had greatly influenced his artwork, even before he made his galleries. It still stood strong as his artwork continues to vary, but he still draws diapers on occasion.. just not very much.


Kurisuchan, throughout the duration of his gallery creation, has worked on many a fan-made series. Some are ongoing and most are discontinued. He falls these series under a title known as 10 Networks. Such as:

  • "My Little Pony: Lyoko Is Magic" - a fanmade series that crosses both Code Lyoko with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It was proven more than the generic crossover and features cameos and Kurisu himself. It bases around Kurisu and Team Lyoko as they travel to Equestria and meet the Mane 6, unbeknown that the villains of the Pony world plan to take over Lyoko, and it's up to the group to rid them off the virtual world.
    • Four seasons were made and a fifth season is currently being worked on.
    • Kurisu has stated that due to lack of motivation, the series might be unfinished.
  • "SUPERDIGIMON: The Series" - a fanmade series featuring Digimon elements, and where Kurisu becomes as his Lyoko persona, under a "superhero name" he has made for himself. The parodic series centers around him in "Net City" of the Digital World, with his pals WereGaruruMike, an accent-driven type of WereGarurumon, and Gaomon as they are brought into D.A.T.S. (Data Accidental Tactics Squad), led by Commander Sampson, and iconic figures like MegaMan.EXE and his friends help SuperDigimon fight off evil Navis, such as ShadeMan, evil Digimon like Myotismon, and rid Net Society of all evil.
    • A "revamped" version is replacing the original scripts, along with plans of more episodes.
  • "Code Lyoko Battle Brawlers" (formerly "Code Bakugan") - was a series that blended Code Lyoko and Bakugan Battle Brawlers that lengthly evolved over time. The series tried to imitate Bakugan simply, along with giving it Digimon-like sequences. The series also evolved with other subtitles like "Dimension Warriors", "Dimension Revolution", and then lastly, "Endgame" which ended the Code Lyoko title. The series overall was about Kurisu and the Lyoko Warriors, fighting along with their Bakugan and taking on evil across dimensions.
    • A roleplay-driven movie, "DIMENSION REVOLUTION The Movie: The Omega Factor" was made to accommodate "Dimension Revolution" from the start to the middle of Part 2, then became normal after it was over.
    • The series picked up a new title. Called "The New Life of Kurisu Furo", which tells the continuation of Kurisu's life, now moving to other territories and trying to make the most out of life... to the chagrins of everyone around him.
  • "The Baby Kitsune Kids" - a series that was made for mostly the babyfur community, which had few babyish elements from Rugrats and few life elements from the cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball. In their suburban home, Kurisu, Teiru, Kassidy, a father character named Ricky Kitsune, and fur cameos like BabyKitty Sierra and Kijibwa live life to the fullest as one family. Life lessons include caring for your parents, how to deal with bullies and criticism, growing up and having fun.
  • Pokémon of Lyoko - a series derived by the second arc of the first book of "Code Lyo-Komics", which features Kurisu as a Pikachu, Teiru as a Glameow, Alexis as an Eevee, Yumi as an Umbreon, Ulrich as a Growlithe, Odd as a Meowth, William as a Riolu, and Aelita as a Mew. Jeremie's form is still under speculation, but theory say he takes the form of a Slowking. The series takes a "Mystery Dungeon" perspective and focuses on the group trying to find their way back to their world while fulfilling missions.
  • "DIGIJINKA- Human Digital Monsters" - a series that was originally planned to be scripted as a revamped series to feature the main Digimon as humans as the DigiDestined, but was then turned down. The namesake, however, wasn't dropped, and still continues, but as a collection of images of Digital Monsters turned human in a "What If" scenario.

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