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Kurisu-kitsune at Furry Fiesta 2009

Kurisu-kitsune (born July 29, 1989), also known as Kurisu, or Kuri for short, is a fursuiter living with his mate, Imperial Lion, in Waco, Texas, United States.[1]

Kurisu's fursona is a red fox with bright orange fur and white head-hair with rainbow bangs. His fursuit, portraying his fursona, was built by Noble Wolf.

Kuri also thoroughly enjoys photography and many of his photos can be found on his Photobucket page.


Kuri's first convention was Anthrocon 2008. He debuted his fursuit at Oklacon 2008 and has worn it at every con he's attended to date. Which includes Anthrocon 2009, Furry Fiesta 2009, Oklacon 2009, Furry Fiesta 2010, Oklacon 2010, Furry Fiesta 2011, and Wild Nights 2011.


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