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Kuhori (born March 6),[1] also known as LigerZeroLindsey, is a fursuiter who lives in Washington, USA.[2]


Kuhori has been a member of the furry fandom since late 2009.[3] On March 31, 2012, she married Grave the Wolf.[2] She got her first fursuit in late December 2011 and has been crazy about fursuiting since. Her first fursuit was built by Costumes By Belle, FehFeh13, and Que's Costumes. The first mask was replaced when it was 2 years old, with a new and improved mask by Twinky Arts.

Kuhori loves Fursuiting locally and at events/conventions. She loves to suit in her town to entertain the children and adults alike. She and her husband have also participated in local parades. They love to go out in suit and spread smiles and hugs, and show the good side of the fandom.


Kuhori's characters are:[2]

  • Kuhori the wolf, her main fursona. Kuhori is a fun-loving black and gray wolf with red and black hair.
  • Scout the Great Dane. Based off of a real dog she owned, that passed away just before turning 1. This dog meant a lot to her, thus making her a special character.
  • Tang the husky. Was a premade partial she bought from the maker Drakonic Knight, she created the rest of the character.


Kuhori has attended several conventions:[2]

  • Sakura Con: 2010, 2011,2012, 2013
  • KuroNekoCon: 2010, 2011,2012
  • KumoriCon: 2011,2012
  • RainFurrest 2012


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