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Kucha is a raven character and helpstaff member on The Lion King MUCK. He started out as an FC when the timeline was reset to a time when Mufasa and Scar (known as Taka) were cubs. When Taka killed an eagle that led to him getting his scar, Kucha led a revolt by the birds to disrupt as many of the pride's hunts as possible. When they finally came to a peace agreement, Kucha stayed on as a sort of 'peace agreement' between the birds and the lions, and served as the majordomo under Jio'aria and Ahadi until Zazu took over. Later he would mistakingly lure Siombe back to the volcano and into the claws of the Kumalo pride, which put him on bad terms with the other prides in the area, and spend the rest of the conflict trying to right this wrong. He gained Tahzhoo's trust when he allowed himself to be pinned under the lion's paw, offering his life, which Tahzhoo didn't take. He went on to serve as the Natamba pride's Na'ko'le, a position similar to a majordomo, took a mate, and had four chicks. He currently resides with his remaining chicks in a nest in the Uzima Valley.

Species Changes[edit]

Sometime in late 2006, Tego set Kucha's species to "Very Loud Raven" during a late-night conversation as a joke. Kucha took pride in his new species, and has been unique ever since, equating his species changes to Pokemon levels. Species changes have included:

  • Very Loud Raven
  • Super Loud Raven
  • Mega Loud Raven
  • Mutant Raven (April 1, 2007)
  • Uber Loud Raven
  • Nutty Loud Raven (July 20, 2007)
  • BBQ Raven (January 8, 2008)