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Picture by Bonk.

Brody Catsmouth lives in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. He was the creator of Brody's Music Shop on Tapestries. He created Rocket City Furmeet in late 2002 and served at many positions within the organization, including chair.

Brody is the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist of the furry rock band Critical Fail, and is the author of the song Krystal Can't Enjoy Her Sandwich, a song about the Fur Affinity meme of the same name. He has done improv comedy at conventions (with fellow comedians Kiran Lightpaw, Flain Falcon, Crazywolf, Tigerpaw, and others), and emcees for events at conventions. He runs the Sound of Sirens recording studio out of his home, having recorded and engineered tracks by Mirage, Kawazu Awazli, and Crimson Mist.

Brody's fursona is a lion.

Brody plays Second Life, where his name is Brody Baggio.

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