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Kryphos Adanthios (KryphosDrgn on Fur Affinity; born February 8)[1] is a dragon furry who lives in Central Florida, USA.[2] He is a staff member at Furloween[3] and was a Fur Affinity administrator (Photography Team Lead).[4].

Kryphos is an Orlando Furs Agent within the OFURS group. He serves as the group's public relations liaison as well as their photographer, attending events and taking pictures of furs and fursuiters alike at no cost. When he is not busy with his photography, Kryphos enjoys playing World of Warcraft.

Kryphos has his own fursuit; a fox named Foxform.[2]

Kryphos is mated to BlakDrgn Adanthios.


Kryphos has attended several furry conventions and events:[2]


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