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Kris Yim is a professional artist and animator, best known to the furry fandom for being the VTuber Chester the Otter.

Yim founded the Board of Trustees Twitch team in 2021. Professionally, Yim has worked as an animator on Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series and Q-Force.[1]

Chester the Otter[edit]

Chester is an anthropomorphic otter, created to be the main character for Yim's animation, Chester: Party Animal, a planned virtual reality short film about freshman "frat bro" Chester trying to fit in at a human college. The character was turned into a VTuber avatar as an animation experiment after Yim graduated and introduced on August 30, 2020.[2] Yim decided to continue using it after their Twitch streams became increasingly popular.[3]

Yim does not consider themself to be a furry, but describes Chester as being their fursona "because the internet understands that concept".[3]


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