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A headshot of Kovu, drawn by opalizero on FurAffinity.

Kovuah, or just Kovu (born September, 19, 2003), is a furry artist and a fursuiter who was born, and lives, in Israel.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kovu wearing glasses and a bandana.


Kovu's fursona is a female Dhole, standing at 170cm (5'7") and weighing 109 lbs.

She is a SFW-only character.

Her newest design is inspired by the "TikTok E-Girls"- being black, white, gray and red, and inspired by stripes which E-Girls are known to wear.


Kovu's fursuits were created by herself.

Kovu's first suit was discarded, while her second is being made.

Kovu is not a silent suiter. While fursuiting, Kovu sometimes wears a pair of black glasses / a bandana.

Convention attendance[edit]

Kovu is a young Israeli furry, and has such she has been unable to visit conventions outside of Israel. She has attended:


Kovu is interested in video games, keyboards & gaming setups, vampirism & witchcraft, and the furry fandom. Kovu's interests also include art and fursuit making which she takes commissions for.

She enjoys watching shows, browsing the internet, watching youtube videos and scrolling endlessly on TikTok.

Kovu's music interests include but are not limited to; Alternative Rock, Indie, Symphonic Metal, Powermetal, and Folk Metal.

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