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Koshka Fursuits

Koshka Fursuits is a fursuit building business owned by fursuit maker Yoshi Winter and assisted by her mate Sein Kraft.


Koshka was created in early 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although it cost us to establish ourselves, today we have thousands of followers around the world.

During these years we learned a lot in the realization of costumes, that's why we offer a great variety of types and even accessories. We are always open to ideas or suggestions that can enhance the originality of each fursuit.

Mainly we choose the quality before the quantity, in this way we use the best materials that we have and we delay the time that we need to achieve the best result.[1]


Koshka Fursuits opens for commissions bi-monthly. They have a relatively short turnaround time for the completion of projects, usually about 1 to 2 months depending on complexity, and they accept a limited amount of work for each comission batch.



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