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Koro is a male German furry from Berlin whose hobbies include playing Second Life. His character is a non-anthro red fox. He has a female fursona named Kora.

Koro character[edit]

Koro is a non-anthro orange red fox with black paws and white tailtip and peritoneum. His eye color is blue.

Koro has different fur colors in the seasons. In the winter, his fur color changes to white. If he is happy his fur color changes to blue and if he's depressed his fur color changes to black.

Koro in Second Life[edit]

Koro as blue NWS Chibifox ©by Koro

Koro plays Second Life where his avatar is mostly a blue Ninja Weasel Studios Chibifox, but also can be seen as a Lost Furest Creatures (LFC) Blue Fox or a LFC Bunny (Kani Bunny). Koro has a sister in Second Life named Kora. He can be often found role-playing as a Jedi or playing with yiffy things with other people.


Pic ©by Ruki

Kora is a non anthro red fox. She looks a bit like Koro but her fur color is more red and darker than Koro's fur. Kora's eye color is emerald green.

Like Koro, she changes furs, but her colors are different, changing to white in winter, pink in happiness and black when she's depressed. Kora also wears a blue Rose, a symbol of hope.

Kora in Second Life[edit]

Kora in pink Lost Furest Creatures (LFC) Fox ©by Koro

Kora lives with her Brother Koro in a volcano. Her avatars include a pink Ninja Weasel Studios Chibifox, a pink LFC Fox, a pink Lost Furest Creatures (LFC) Bunny (Kani Bunny) and a feral fox by Timber Wilds Industries. She tends to be more playful in Second Life and likes escort jobs.


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