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The Kopje Valley Pride is a fictional role-played pride on The Lion King MUCK that existed in the Kopje Valley from 1996-1999 and May 2006-present. The pride information describes a pride "with little hierarchy save for the pridal leaders. Gender roles are split as is traditional for lions, with males carrying out a highly-trained guard patrol and females doing the hunting, although both spend time with the cubs. The inhabitants are friendly to those who respect their borders, and welcoming of visitors who have asked permission to cross into Kopje territory. But they are highly protective of the Valley".[1]


The pride was founded in the Kopje Valley by Kwasi and Nalia in 1996. After Kwasi's murder, their adopted son Siombe took over the pride until he moved to the Celestial Volcano and passed the lands to Kwasi and Nalia's son Mohatu.

Mohatu reigned with a small pride until moving to Utatu in 1999. Mohatu offered his adopted son, Jumoja, the Kopje lands. Thus Jumoja and his mate K'aaria, both adolescents, became heirs to the Kopje Valley. They lived there until nearly adult, when they died together in a hunting accident.[2]

The pride "drift[ed] away during the following months", and even other inhabitants of the lands, such as the Serval Fevra, Nalia's adopted daughter, left as well.[3] The lands became deserted.

The lands had occasional RP (such as during the Kumalo plot) but were uninhabited until May 18, 2006, when Siombe and Balana reestablished a pride made up of Balana's children, a few who broke off of the Natamba pride, and a couple of lionesses they picked up in Utatu.

On July 23, 2007, the pride was OOCly made an official pride, with Mzohari named as its lion king. ICly, rulership passed from Siombe to Mzohari on July 24 in a small mantlement ceremony, with a total of 13 characters in attendance.

On December 3, 2009, Kasjari was named Queen with Korzar as the pride's heir.


The initial location of the Kopje Valley is unclear, though they were accessible via a path leading from the Celestial Volcano north of the Pride Lands starting in late 1996. When Utatu was built in 1998, the valley was still linked to the Celestial Volcano lands, but its edge became linked to the southern edge of Utatu. It remained this way until an unknown time when a copy of the lands were linked to Utatu and the original became unlinked. They were unlinked when re-inhabited in May 2006, but were linked to the eastern border of the Pride Lands in October 2006, where they are currently.


  • 1996-1996 - Kwasi (King) and Nalia (Queen)
  • 1996-1996 - Siombe (King)
  • 1996-1999 - Mohatu (King) and Kadjana/Kurana (Queens)
  • 2006-2007 - Siombe (King) and Balana (Queen)
  • 2007-present - Mzohari (King) and Kasjari (Queen)


The official prides information in the MUCK lists the members as of July 2012:[4]

  • King Mzohari
  • Queen: Kasjari
  • Lionesses: Balana, Kasjari, Matoke, Tarikhi, Usafidi, Kikora, Mthama
  • Lions: Kizingo, Onaedo, Kunjufu'bisi, Itumele, Khairi, Kwasi, Manuwio
  • "Young Leonines": Ukarimu


Kwasi's Pride[edit]

Kwasi and Nalia's pride included their adopted son Siombe; the Lionesses Lukesia, Narina, and Tefnut; other, unknown members; as well as Kinah, a male Caracal. Of these, only the character Siombe is still alive.

Siombe's Pride[edit]

  • Siombe, Lion (Kwasi and Nalia's adopted son)
  • Nalia, Lioness (deceased)
  • Lukesia, Lioness (deceased)
  • Tefnut, Lioness (deceased)
  • Zalima, Lioness (deceased)
  • Mohatu, Lion (Kwasi and Nalia's son, deceased)
  • Kadjana, Lioness (deceased)
  • Dukat, Lion (Nalia's adopted son, deceased)
  • Iatana, Lioness (deceased)
  • Tanabi, Lion (deceased)
  • Mariah, Lioness (deceased)
  • Ratha, Lioness (deceased)
  • Maja (deceased)
  • Kinah, Male Caracal (deceased)
  • Additional assorted unknown members.

Mohatu's Pride[edit]

  • Mohatu, Lion (deceased)
  • Mashaka, Lion (Mohatu and Kurana's son)
  • Kadjana, Lioness (deceased)
  • Kurana, Lioness (deceased)
  • Nalia, Lioness (deceased)
  • Elsa, Lioness (Mohatu and Kadjana's daughter, deceased)
  • Nirbandi, Lion (Mohatu and Kadjana's son, deceased)
  • Jumoja, Lion (Mohatu's adopted son)
  • K'aaria, Lioness
  • Additional assorted unknown members.

Siombe's Pride[edit]

  • Siombe, Lion
  • Balana, Lioness (Siombe's adopted daughter)
  • Kizingo, Lion (Chiboa and Balana's son)
  • Mdhamana, Lion
  • Mzohari, Lion (Chiboa and Balana's son)
  • Nabana, Lion (Nyanya and Balana's son)
  • Nyoto, Lion (Tahzhoo and Kyoko's son)
  • Raz'ki, Lion
  • Tahlili, Lion (Chiboa and Balana's son)
  • Haiba, Lioness (Tahzhoo and Balana's adopted daughter)
  • Kasjari, Lioness
  • Kenta, Lioness
  • Kia, Lioness
  • Mtala, Lioness
  • Nakomis, Lioness
  • Nyunya, Lioness
  • Sirima, Lioness (Tahzhoo and Kyoko's daughter)
  • Zephra, Lioness (Mtunga and Seniya's daughter)
  • Jespah, Lion (Mzohari and Nyunya's son)
  • Khairi, Lion (Nabana and Nakomis' son)
  • Kiado, Lion (Nabana and Nakomis' son)
  • Kiini, Lion (Mzohari and Nyunya's son)
  • Tangaza, Lion (Nabana and Nakomis' son)
  • Ayumi, Lioness (Kizingo and Sirima's daughter)
  • Mzuhali, Lioness (Mzohari and Nyunya's daughter)
  • Nafsi'hiliki, Lioness (Nabana and Nakomis' daughter)
  • Nonceba, Lioness (Mzohari and Kenta's daughter)
  • Usafidi, Lioness (Nabana and Nakomis' daughter)

Mzohari's Pride[edit]

  • Mzohari, Lion
  • Kizingo, Lion
  • Jabali, Lion
  • Kiini, Lion (Mzohari and Nyunya's son)
  • Kori, Lion
  • Nabana, Lion
  • Khairi, Lion (Nabana and Nakomis's son)
  • Tangaza, Adolescent Lion (Nabana and Nakomis's son)
  • Siombe, Elder Lion
  • Balana, Elder Lioness
  • Kasjari, Lioness
  • Kenta, Lioness
  • Kyoko, Lioness
  • Lauranga, Lioness
  • Nyunya, Lioness
  • Sirima, Lioness
  • Tarikhi, Lioness
  • Mtala, Lioness
  • Nakomis, Lioness
  • Ayumi, Lioness (Kizingo and Sirima's daughter)
  • Mwaliko, Lioness
  • Mzuhali, Lioness (Mzohari and Nyunya's daughter)
  • Nonceba, Lioness (Mzohari and Kenta's daughter)
  • Vikali, Lioness
  • Matoke, Adolescent Lioness
  • Nafsi'hiliki, Adolescent Lioness (Nabana and Nakomis's daughter)
  • Usafidi, Adolescent Lioness (Nabana and Nakomis's daughter)
  • Onaedo, Juvenile Lion (Mzohari and Kenta's son)
  • Singa, Juvenile Lion (Mzohari and Kenta's son)
  • Jazua, Juvenile Lioness (Mzohari and Kenta's daughter)
  • Msasi, Juvenile Lioness
  • Korzar, Lion Cub (Mzohari and Kasjari's son)
  • Solarin, Lion Cub (Mzohari and Nyunya's son)
  • Wingu, Lion Cub (Mzohari and Kasjari's son)
  • Katili, Lioness Cub (Mzohari and Kasjari's daughter)
  • Nasoka, Lioness Cub (Mzohari and Nyunya's daughter)
  • Zakia, Lioness Cub (Lauranga's daughter)
  • Zymacia, Lioness Cub (Lauranga's daughter)
  • Olaniyi, Lanner Falcon

(Italics indicates past members, bold indicates current members.)


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