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Kooshmeister (real name Bill Hiers) is a furry artist who was born in Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kooshmeister got involved in the furry fandom sometime in 1997-1998. His began as a joke screenname on mIRC during his time in a SWAT Kats RPG, and stuck because up until that point all of Bill's screennames (whether on AOL or elsewhere) tended to be the names of cartoon characters rather than any original nickname he thought up. Furry is not his primary preoccupation, and all things considered, he takes only a casual interest in the fandom itself.

Furry media[edit]

He enjoys drawing extremely toony furry characters, particularly of the Disney and Hanna-Barbera style, which he posts to Fur Affinity and deviantArt. His favorite animals, admittedly to the point of an almost ridiculous obsessions, are rabbits and squirrels. Unsurprisingly, his fursona is a squirrel. Despite this, he tends to consider himself many other things first, and a furry second.

By his own admission, there is not that much more to know about Kooshmeister/Bill at least insofar as the furry fandom is concerned, beyond the usual list of fetishes and harmless but (in his opinion) embarrassing perversions. He always uses outlines in his drawings, and never shades his work.

He tends to wrongly color the mouths of his favorite characters, making them black with a red tongue instead of dark red with a pink tongue. He is also an openly gay man draws yaoi pairings for his favorite characters.

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