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Koof1313 (alias "Hope Carter", born June 13th) is a general animal artist who lives in Texas. Her fursona is a shapeshifter and her namesake, a wolf lioness hybrid, and has only become solidified as her primary character in the past year and a half.

Koof's Look[edit]


Koof's overall appearance goes through minor changes every four to six months or so, the most drastic change so far being pink 'freckles' on her nose, toe and paw pads.[1] Her most defining features are her markings, her long bangs, and tail. Minor details include: retractable foreclaws, heart problems due to the hybridization and mild gigantism, and the ability to blend into her environment.

Gender Bender?

Sometimes its confused by other members of the art community whether or not Koof's quadrupedal form is a boy[2] or a girl; Koof is in fact female, though she's much more masculine due to her sometimes hectic life style. Koof, in the four legged, non-anthro/fur world is enigmatic, has no past, and merely functions a simpler way for her artist to represent herself.


Unlike her four legged counter part, "anthro Koof" has hair. In her anthro form Koof is something of a domminatrix[3]. Koof is based in build and facial expressions off of her creator, though in carriage and body language she is considerably more confident. Though not drawn nearly as often as quadrupedal Koof, the anthro half is none the less loved and used for comic relief[4] and art therapy.


This mainly pertains to Koof's anthro form. Koof has been featured in art inspired by many of the artist's relationships, most noteably her relationship with a writer among the FA community. However, Koof has a preference and tendency to be featured with Logan, an anthropomorphic version character whom is based off the artist's idea for a book character[5]. Logan was originally a character based off of The Phantom of the Opera, but eventually evolved into a possibly permanent mate for Koof. In such case, the creator will create another character to represent her and any man in her future.

Sausage Koof

Used for pointless, amusing and short comics to amuse the artist and no one else. [6]

About the Artist[edit]

Hope Carter lives with her parents and younger sister in North East Texas, and is currently attending a community college. Other than three art classes in the eight, ninth and tenth grade, she has had no formal art training and is mainly self taught.

Hope is a high school graduate and plans on becoming either a high school British Lit. teacher or a college English professor.

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