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Kola, presenting a spirit of border collie demigod

Michael Eliza Vrischika or best known as LKE-Kola or Kola Couatlicue (born June 9, 1991) is an Indonesian artist, painter, and a furry artist from West Java, Indonesia. He began his artist career as in 2007 at high school. After learning a lot about canine race (especially dogs, wolves, and foxes) and was active in dog rescue, he decided to be a fine artist. In 2014 he graduated from Maranatha Christian University, granted a B.F.A. title, in early May of 2016 he start his study in fine art further for M.F.A. title in Bandung Institute of Technology, West Java, Indonesia. Some of his friends says that he was motivated by a figure and character of an Alaskan wonder dog, Balto.

Fursona History[edit]

Inspired by a classic movies like Homeward Bound (1993), Lassie (1994), and Babe (1995), he always like anything about dog companions. His fursona is a Border Collie spirit named Kola Couatlicue. Below is a background story that he made for his fursona.

"Kola Couatlicue is a border collie spirit. One of many "Guardian Shepherds" of the Spirit's world for dogs. His true appearance is a canine spirit, but most of the time he took a shape of either feral or anthropomorphic border collie in real world. While in his spirit form, he often travelling through all places in the world, watching life goes on in dogs. Thirsty with any kind of experiences that world could offer, when he intend to, he can see, hear, and feel every dog in the world. Guardian Shepherds can also be a shortcut to Spirit's world for departing dogs, so that every do spirits that travels through afterlife will need to see bypass the Guardian Shepherds so they can safely pass through the Land of Promise."

Personal Life[edit]

"Two of 'The Teachings' series, Nature and Life in an art exhibition"
"The Teachings Of Life" One of piece from the Series "The Teachings"

In 2009 Kola turned his own house as a personal Art Gallery, trying to show the art of Anthropomorphic and Fantasy around his place since Anthropomorphic Art is not actually exist in Eastern inlands such as his country, Indonesia. Most of his paintings are conceptual art which tells people about spirituality and way of good life, such as "The Teachings" which tells about Nature, Life, War, and Love[1]. Exhibited on an joint exhibition in his University and attracted a lot of art appreciators, although this kind of movement (Anthropomorphic Art) is like something new among them. However, after the first exhibition was held, the curator asked Kola to keep the series as his personal artworks for more exhibitions in the future time.

Kola first solo exhibition (2009) was at his studio somewhere near Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Displayed his very best painting atyear 2009 Real Balto which attended more than 50 people from his friends and family.

His style is fantasy semi-realistic and often include natural scenery background. His personal watercolor artworks often portrays anthropomorphic and feral canine characters.

Artistic Activity[edit]

"Fine Alt" as a respond to stigma towards furries that exist in local society.
Kola art movement was a mix movement between Expressionist and Surrealist. He works with traditional media such as watercolor on paper and oil paint on canvas. After he finished his B.F.A, he also involves in creating Contemporary Art in respond to stigma that often occurs on the local society in Indonesia about the fandom's negative side and how common people see furries as different and unusual. He is currently working on his master's thesis with title "As Alternative Life-Style" which tries to increase awareness of common people towards local furries that they are just the same people with different life-style who likes anthropomorphic animal characters. He also put concern about identity that becomes insecurity problem within local furries because the existence of furry fandom is not too contrast in Indonesia. While introducing the fandom he also involve in social service activity held by his institute to promote tolerance towards diversity of beliefs, racial, and culture as well as condemning discrimination towards minorities in Indonesia.
"The Zoo" was made to question the value of diversity in Indonesia.

Exhibition Records[edit]

  • 2010: “URBAN FEST 2010” Art Exhibition – Ancol, Jakarta
  • 2011: “Mutual Art” Joint Exhibition – MCU Art Gallery, Bandung [2]
  • 2011: “KineticanthropE” Solo Performance Art[3]
  • 2011: “Evolusia 2012” Fashion Show & Art Exhibition – Harris Hotel, Bandung
  • 2012: “URBAN FEST 2012” Art Exhibition – Ancol, Jakarta
  • 2012: “1st Out of Stock” Duet Art Exhibition[4]
  • 2013: “A Little Bit About Us” Student Exhibition (Organizer) – MCU Art Gallery, Bandung
  • 2014: “Departure of the Hair” Solo Performance Art – MCU, Bandung
  • 2014: “Paperium #4 : Fiber to Paper” Art Exhibition – Museum Tekstil Indonesia, Jakarta
  • 2014: “Internal-Interaksi” Alumnus Joint Exhibition[5]
  • 2016: “May Contain Critcisim” Group Exhibition[6]
  • 2017: "Emang Jadi Omongan" Group Exhibition[7]
  • 2017: "Emang Jadi Pilihan" Group Exhibition[8]


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