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This is an Conbadge of Kodi Wolfe, created by Anime Cat.

Kodi Wolfe (born April 28),[1] is a furry fan who lives in Moore, Oklahoma, U.S.A.,[1] and is mated with fellow furry Jared Fox.


Kodi's fursona is a purebred Red Siberian Husky, with blue eyes and a signature white heart on his upper right leg.

Fan Involvement[edit]

Oklacon 2006[edit]

  • Security

Oklacon 2007[edit]

Oklacon 2010[edit]

  • Registration
  • Audio & Video Coordinator

Oklacon 2011[edit]

Oklacon 2012[edit]

  • Registration
  • Audio & Video Coordinator
  • Oklacon Street Team
  • Hosted My Little Pony panel

Furry Fiesta[edit]

  • Video Coordinator
  • Backup Lighting Director


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