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Kobus is a Danish cartoonist and early Yerf artist. Kobus frequently used Tombow ABT brush pens. Due to past events, these are known among some furry artists as "kobus pens".[citation needed] Kobus left the fandom in early 2005.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kobus was known for his scathing critiques of the furry fandom.[citation needed] He was involved in the early anti-furry movement, along with Betty Roget, posting about in Furrymuck's Calumny or his private MUCK (http://www.kobot.net/~abe/),

It would be there or on Yerf where they would post grotesque anti-furry images, normally based on furry memes of the moment, or media based on known/popular Yerf artist (e.g. Trixi), occasionally collaborating with such like minded-artist as Kim Hope (also known as Ezuli).


His character was a fox.

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