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Kobi Vincent LaCroix is the pseudonym, stage name, fursona and general alter-ego of Matt Johnson, a furry artist and musician formerly resident of the Twin Cities region. His fursona is a polymorphic blue psychedelic lava fox, capable of shapeshifting and various other tricks. Kobi occasionally roleplays as Cody and Georgia, conjoined tabby cat twins. He attended Anthrocon 2003.

[edit] Music

His music is primarily influenced by 1970's progressive rock, with strong leanings toward both Yes and Genesis; other influences include the Russian composers Alexander Scriabin and Igor Stravinsky.

His primary instruments are keyboard and guitar.

[edit] Art

His art uses bright colors and sharp contrasts. It stems from many influences, ranging from 1960's psychedelic posters to graffiti.

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