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KnotCast icon 2015.jpeg
Feeling tied down?
Host(s) FuzzWolf, Savrin, and Shiva
Update schedule Thursdays
RSS (MP3 and AAC)
Atom (AAC only)
Launch date March 1st 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Adult, advice

KnotCast is a furry-themed sex questions and relationship advice podcast. New episodes were recorded on Thursdays, but later moved to recording on Fridays for convenience, and are usually made available on the KnotCast website over the weekend.

Savrin's mate, Panther (aka, the tech-savvy at-risk youth), provides technical support.

The KnotCast theme is an excerpt from "5 Minutes" by Sublevel 03 which was mixed by the band specially for the show.

Notable events in Knotcast history[edit]

  • 2008-07-25: The KnotCast studio (the apartment shared by Savrin, Panther, and their roommate) was vandalized and the podcasting equipment stolen. KnotCast was on a brief hiatus while the equipment was repurchased. Thanks to listener donations the podcast resumed on August 7th, 2008.
  • 2009-02-20: As of Furry Fiesta 2009, Damien decided to leave KnotCast to focus on school, work, and other projects.
  • 2009-03-05: KnotCast recorded the first episode of their second year and introduced the new theme song by Sub-level 03.
  • 2009-05-07: Cast agrees to make Istanbul a regular cast member.
  • 2009-10: Shiva joins the cast as a 'token female' and eventually transitions to full cast member.
  • 2010-06-18: KnotCast release their 100'th episode and celebrate this by having listeners and guests call in to congratulate the show on the achievement.
  • 2010: KnotCast are announced as Guests of Honor for Oklacon 2010.
  • 2010-11-02: Istanbul is removed as a cast member.
  • 2010-11-13: Rekkie (Damien Husky) returns to the cast.
  • 2011-09-04: Rekkie retires from the show.

Recurring Jokes[edit]

  • Bestiality podcast run by a bunch of drunken 12-year-old fratboys - A combined reference to several of Knotcast's one-star iTunes reviews.
  • Bi now, gay later - see urban dictionary definition
  • By and large, furries are bi and large - A reference to stereotypical descriptions of furry sexuality and body type
  • Cat of hate - Savrin's cat, which disliked Damien before her death.
  • Dog people fucking - Synonym for furry pornography
  • Don't do drugs, kids - a throw-away line used by Savrin when transitioning between thoughts.
  • Don't do kids, drugs - Usualy used after the Don't do drugs, kids' line, this is reserved for moments where 'red badge' furs are mentioned.
  • Don't stick your dick in crazy. - a warning to beware getting involved in relationships with people of questionable mental stability.
  • Doorknobs - Originally made as a joke to suggest that the Tech-Savy-At-Risk-Panther would beat Savrin like a real abusive domestic relationship. The traditional reference being an abused wife covering up the origins of her black eye as "I fell into/on a doorknob." The scenarios in which Savrin would 'fall into' doorknobs became wildly unorthodox. Much to the amusement in the cast, this has eventually led to the doorknob becoming a symbol of punishment.
  • Dragons - See Tumbles the Stairdragon.
  • Full of words - used to describe a verbose person or email.
  • Good night... and big balls - Phrase used to end the podcast. The first clause may be said by any member of the podcast, but Zapnut would say the latter. The "Big Balls" are a reference to Wipeout, which Fuzzwolf has previously noted is one of his favorite shows.
  • Horrifyingly realistic dog cock red - a shade of the color red occasionally referenced in regard to commercial products, (especially sex toys) and a specific microphone used in recording sessions.
  • Husky Rawr! - Damien and/or Rekkie was known for a tendency to go on at length and sometimes propose violence as a solution when he feels strongly about the situation being discussed.
  • Michael Baaaaaay - Used to describe movies and other situations involving explosions
  • (No such thing as a) Straight bunny - Certain castmembers believe that straight male bunnies do not exist.
  • NYNGHHH NYNGHHH - Making fun of the crazier members of the fandom, whose actions have been compared to the mentally challenged (see dragons).
  • Panther's beard - The show's unofficial mascot
  • Pro tip - helpful suggestions made by Savrin
  • Relationship math - used to describe emails involving multiple partners or potential partners
  • ROFLhusky - after Damien literally fell on the floor laughing during the 6th episode, he earned this nickname.
  • Roo Puns - Damien's species change from a husky fursona to a kangaroo generated a range of puns involving 'roo imagery. Mainly seen in Episode 26, which was just after his change, the puns came from his fellow podcasters and a few viewers. Damien has since become a husky again.
  • Staircases - See Tumbles the Stairdragon.
  • Yaff yafff yaff - sarcastic description of fox chat


Early in KnotCast's development, a set of rules was put in place for what could (and could not) be said to avoid offending listeners. These rules are often broken (and it is announced so with a corresponding rule number), but rarely explained for the benefit of the listeners.

Rules that have been explained to date are:

  • #1 - FuzzWolf must eat a meal before recording the podcast (For FuzzWolf is hypoglycemic and will get pissy if not full)
  • #2 - Don't directly bring (fandom related) drama to the podcast
  • #3 - No scat or watersports - Scatman DENIED
  • #4 - No Holocaust jokes
  • #5 - (not yet explained, but when one of the cast makes a semi-racist remark, another member says "Rule #5", possibly may be "no use of the N word")
  • #7 or #8 - No pedophilia jokes
  • #9 - all of Fuzzwolf's fanwank must be read by Damien.

Since Zapnut's departure, references to The Rules have nearly disappeared.

Guests ("Token females")[edit]

Guests on the show are known as token females. (Originally it was for the first guest, Jen Ferret, but it has seen been used to refer to all guests, regardless of their actual gender.)

The following people have been guests/"token females" on the podcast:

Former Members[edit]

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