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Klace, the popstar husky.
Battitude Studios created Klace's partial fursuit.
A selfie in his suit posted on social media in 2016.

Kyle Lambert, better known as Klace Husky or just Klace, is a suiter, entertainer and writer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

He is also a writer and game developer, most notably known for creating the furry visual novel "Major\Minor".

His character is a pink husky, and his backstory is that of a pop idol. He is recognizable for his outfit and his colorful rainbow highlights.

He is also a fursuiter -- with his partial fursuit being created by Battitude Studios.

Personal Biography[edit]

Kyle Lambert grew up in Canada, and grew up alongside an appreciation for anthropomorphic animals.

Making the plunge into the fandom however, took until the age of 13.

His first local gathering of furries was a local Halloween party on October 30th, 2009.

He is a published writer and game developer as of December 7th, 2015 -- which is when Major\Minor was first released on Steam.

Convention Schedule[edit]

Klace attends the following conventions annually:

- Anthrocon

- Midwest FurFest

Character Biography[edit]

Kyle Lambert's character Klace, is a pink husky.

Klace is an international pop idol who travels the world belting out his hits.

Because of all of this travel, he gets to visit conventions a couple times a year to socialize with friends and fans.

He's most notable for the rainbow highlights across his bangs and his bright pink fur -- along with his wardrobe choices.

Though he doesn't appear in Major\Minor it is assumed that the backstory is the same from what other characters say.


Klace the husky was based off of one of Kyle's older Second Life avatars.

His first fursuit was created by LazyLeopard, while his second fursuit was created by Battitude Studios.


Kyle Lambert released the game "Major\Minor" in December 2015 on Valve's Steam platform. At this time, it consisted of only the first of twelve planned chapters. There was much controversy surrounding the release, with many calling it an unfinished game that used stock assets (and even stolen characters in some accusations). Over the course of the next year, the game was completed and many of the problems criticized at launch were corrected. The final chapter count of the game was ten, with some of the chapters being merged into one larger chapter (three and six).

To celebrate the completion of the game, a "Complete Edition" was Greenlit and launched onto Steam's storefront in October 2016. There were some concerns that this was an attempt to "whitewash" the review section and start all over again, effectively deleting the criticism that spurred so much debate about the title. To ensure that this wasn't the case, Kyle gave a free copy of the Complete Edition away to all owners of Major\Minor, and encouraged them to copy their review to the new store page -- whether it was positive or negative. Even after this was all said and done, both store pages of Major\Minor retain a largely positive reception (80%+), with users praising it's in-depth emotional story and beautifully detailed artwork.

Major\Minor is currently on the recommended list for an Ursa Major Award, for Best Anthropomorphic Game of 2016.

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