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Kiyona Hannu, AnthroXtacy playmate and escort

Kiyona Hannu is a Second Life playmate and escort[1] for the furry SL night club, AnthroXtacy.


[edit] Second Life involvement

She arrived at AnthroXtacy in early 2009 and attended, as a patron, for nearly 2 months before applying to be a playmate.

Her descriptive roleplaying, enjoyable personality, and generosity have made her a fairly popular playmate. She has also applied to be a backup DJ

[edit] Appearance

She appears as a female red wolf (she is a maned wolf) that is often mistakenly confused with a fox.

She is one of the few SL furries who does not shapeshift, always appearing as an emerald-eyed wolfess with a reddish and tan fur pattern, with no other appearance variations, other than hair color, which she changes to match her clothing (her natural hair color is a reddish/copperish blonde, as shown on the image inset).

[edit] Second Life acquaintances

Kiyona is a long-time friend of Meltharas Matsukaze (former part owner of AX), whom she's known for several years before she ever set paw in the Second Life world.

[edit] References

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