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Kiwi Fox, (born December 30, 1985) often shortened to simply Kiwi, is a fursuiter and YouTuber who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.[1] He was previously from Westminster, Maryland before moving in with roommates Majira Strawberry and Frankie x in the Pittsburgh area.

His YouTube channel has over 29,000 subscribers and 500,000 views as of December 2018.[2] Kiwi Fox also maintains an active Twitter presence with over 10,800 followers as of December 2018.[3]


Kiwi's fursona is a green, white and grey fox. The primary colour of his design is bright green. His hair is black and blue in stripes with bangs across. He is often seen wearing a bandanna around his neck.


  • KIWI 1.0 - KIWI 1.0's head was designed designed by Kiwi himself.
  • KIWI 2.0 - During Denfur 2018 Kiwi received a surprise new fursuit head organised by his friends. KIWI 2.0 was designed by fursuit maker JesseFrosst.[4] The design mantained the same colour scheme, a more toony style, poofier hairstyle, and a furline neck.

Other fursuits[edit]

  • Tarou - Kiwi often suits as and voices Tarou (the younger brother of Majira Strawberry) in videos produced by Majira as well as at conventions. Tarou has also featured on Kiwi's YouTube channel such as on April Fools Day 2018.[5]


Kiwi has been part of the furry fandom since 2004 and his YouTube account dates back to June of 2006. The oldest viewable content on Kiwi's channel dates back to November 2016 featuring a one minute sketch of Rick and Morty and a charmeleon fursuiter.[6]

Like most furry YouTubers, Kiwi makes content of an informative nature to the furry fandom as well as occasional short skits. He states in his YouTube About Page that he "enjoys making content that brightens anyone's day." He also does livestreams often at least once a week.


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