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Kittzy previously known as Kitsunerumai (born October 8th) is a furry artist and a nostalgic gamer and lover of 18th century American culture. He also goes by the name of Kitsu or just simply Kit.


Kittzy's fursona is a Red Panda. His paw pads are the dark red color of a black rose. There is a fur marking in his back that resembles a paint brush similar to the ones found on Inkbunny


Kittzy joined Inkbunny in July of 2013 under the name YiffReMasterer, which has long since been disbanded and forgotten. Some of his old work can still be fount on places like e621 and rule34.

His Inkbunny account was inactive until July 30th, 2015 with the post named "I drew tails", being a pencil sketch of Miles "Tails" Prower. It was later followed by a shaded version and a colored version.

Since July 30, 2015 he has been posting content on a regular basis and appears to not be slowing down.

Most of his artwork is drawn in the traditional medium of pencil and paper. Although some digital artworks have came from him, they where mostly edits of other people's drawings.

His inspiration for drawing came primarily from the artist Mizzyam


The IRL Kittzy is a shy, sensitive person. He suffers from moderate social anxiety. It is only known that he lives on a small farm and is self sufficient for the most part.

It is known that he loves to watch and participate in rally racing events and drives a 1999 Ford Escort as his rally car. He has won an unofficial medal for scary his co-driver half to death.

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