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Kittzy, formerly known as YiffReMasterer, Kitsunerumai, Kitsu or just simply Kit (born October 8), is a furry artist who resides in Alabama, USA.


Kittzy is a moderately shy, self-reliant, sensitive person. It is known that he loves to watch and participate in rally racing events and drives a 1999 Ford Escort as his rally car. He has won an unofficial medal[citation needed] for scaring his co-driver half to death. He has since quit due to back and leg injuries from a crash, he keeps his skills sharp with the DiRT series of racing video games.

He was part of the [W:Tiny_house_movement|tiny house movement]. He produces most of what he needs from his self-sufficient lifestyle but works a part-time job as a custodian.


Kittzy's fursona is a Red Panda, with a low cut pompadour, and white finger markings


Kittzy joined Inkbunny in July of 2013 under the name YiffReMasterer. Some of his old work can still be found in places like e621 and rule34.[citation needed] His Inkbunny account was inactive until July 30, 2015 with the post named "I drew tails", being a pencil sketch of Miles "Tails" Prower. Since then he has been active.

His original inspiration for drawing came primarily from the artist Mizzyam, way back when Softpaw Magazine was released. But now takes inspiration from various artist such as Seth Iova, Anhes, and many other talented artists.

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