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Map of the Fur Valleys region, June 2007

The Fur Valleys (often known as "The Valleys") is a group of island simulations (also known as "regions" or inaccurately as "sims") within Second Life. The Valleys are located in the southwestern area of the island cloud.


The first region in this chain, Fox Valley, was created as a private island in November 2005 by RedFox Costello in order to form a furry area apart from Dreamland, due to a difference of opinions between RedFox and Anshe Chung.

Birth of the Valley Continent

In 2006, Kithylin Perth ordered 2 sims: Wolf Valley, Tiger Valley which were attached to Fox Valley, creating the heart of the Valley continent.

Wolf Valley was sold to Mako Minogue in June of 2006. It continues to be primarily a residential region featuring a beach hangout, an art gallery and Bunny Brewster's "Bunnythedral", which is one of the oldest builds in the entire continent.

The other three regions were eventually either sold off to Foxkin Impfondo or to other buyers, with the region locations being re-worked from time to time.

More regions were added over the years, each sim typically owned and run by different individuals, until the chain became the Fur Valleys with over 40 regions available for furs to explore and enjoy by 2007.

Recently due to the worldwide economy and pricing and policy changes by Linden Labs, modestly profitable sims became money losing investments. The outcome was the continent suffering a large reduction in the number of regions in 2009 and 2010, matching a larger trend seen on Second Life system wide.

Many void regions were consolidated into "regular" regions (Linden Labs allowed 4 void sims to be combined into a single regular region for the same total cost) or closed down entirely. Many full regions were sold off, moved, or shut down.

This has resulted in the map of the Fur Valleys resembling a checker board instead of a single continent.

Dragon Valley Estate.

Fae Valley, owned by Alynna Vixen, left in May 2006 and joined with Meeting Island, becoming Raccoon Hill. The region has since vanished.

Masquerade Valley, formerly Furnation Tria, moved out in December 2006 when it was sold, becoming the free-floating Masquerade Island. This region no longer contains a furry theme.

Silverymoon, owned by Angel Fluffy, moved out during early 2007 to join with his other regions to form their own small island chain.

Island simulations[edit]

Main article: List of island simulations in Fur Valleys

Jaguar Valley[edit]

A residential region created on 20 January 2007, located north of Serenity Woods. Owned by Mako Minogue, Jaguar Valley is a rural-themed residential sim. It's most notable resident is Allen Harrington who builds highly detailed Asian and Ranchero themed homes as well as visually rich nature themed skyboxes.

Dragon Valley Estate[edit]

Main article: Dragon Valley Estate

Void Simulations[edit]

Void regions (also known as "voids" or "ocean regions") in the Fur Valleys region are primarily used to add ocean to the surrounding areas, although each has it's own set of unique landforms and most are each rentable as an entire region.

All of the void regions in the Valleys island chain are currently owned by Foxkin Impfondo, but the four original voids are each managed by a different administrator of Foxkin Rentals.

Dragons Void[edit]

Dragons Void was the one of the original four voids in the Valley chain, and the first void which was rentable as a entire unit. This void was originally placed north of Wolf Valley and west of Zeta Valley, but moved south due to disagreements about landforms in the region. It is managed by djomnifusion Snickerdoodle.

Kitsune Sea[edit]

Kitsune Sea is void region which features a fox-shaped main island split in three parts, as well as several pawprint shaped islands which serve as rental spaces. This region is managed by Autumnfox Vesperia.

Kitsune Sea features a small mall upon the fox's head, which is home to Dancing Drake Designs, an avatar company which produces fantasy and furry characters, as well as Fawksie Stuf, Autumnfox's own business which produces a variety of gadgets and fashions. A section for freebie items is also available.

Other notable visitor spots include a forest in perpetual autumn bloom, a waterfall boats may sail under, a mountain shrine complete with meditation pillows, and a sunken kistune temple where a visitor may be told their fortune.

On December 9, 2008, Autumnfox Vesperia announced: "It is with a heavy heart that I must announce Kitsune Sea is going offline, due to Linden Lab's new unreasonable pricing scheme. To everyone who made Kitsune Sea a wonderful place, thank you so very much."

Strianic Ocean[edit]

Strianic Ocean is an ocean region, named after its original manager, Stria Teazle. Nevermint Debs also manages this region.

This void is notable in that the island's shape resembles a dragon on the map, and an underwater coral reef, currently under construction.

Onyx Ocean[edit]

Onyx Ocean is a rentable void. It was formerly the private home of Fara Heart, who later transfered management to Cera Watts.

BlueRay Sea[edit]

BlueRay Sea came online in early 2007 and is a rentable void. It was named for BlueRay Darkes, a personal friend of djomnifusion Snickerdoodle.

Geckos Void[edit]

Geckos Void came online in early 2007 and is a rentable void. The region name played a tribute to the popular gecko mascot of the Geiko car insurance company. The region was formerly named Gecko Void, but was renamed in June 2007 purely for aesthetics.

Moonlight Sea[edit]

Moonlight Sea came online in early 2007 and is a rentable void. It was named for the initial crescent moon shape of its island. The original island shape has since changed, but it still maintains a somewhat moon-like shape.

Sydney Sea[edit]

Sydney Sea came online in early 2007 and is a rentable void. It was named after the child of one of the Foxkin Rentals administrators. It was formerly named Sidney Sea, but was renamed in June 2007 due to a spelling error.

Crocodile Rock[edit]

Crocodile Rock came online in June 2007 and is a rentable void. The name originated as a joke, bearing the same name of a song by Elton John, but the name stuck.

The region is notable for containing several crocodiles, which have moved about depending upon the current renter. It also contains a giant sculpted mushroom in the center of the island, originally planted as a joke, but which the current renters decided to keep.

Dolphin Deep[edit]

Dolphin Deep came online in June 2007 and is a rentable void.

Drakes Void[edit]

Drakes Void came online in June 2007 and is a rentable void.

Kitten Cove[edit]

Kitten Cove came online in June 2007 and is a rentable void.

Raccoon Lagoon[edit]

Raccoon Lagoon came online in June 2007 and is a rentable void.

Salamander Sea[edit]

Salamander Sea came online in June 2007 and is a rentable void.

Yang Sea[edit]

Yang Sea came online in June 2007 and was a rentable region. It was the sister island to Yin Sea. The region was notable for it's island resembling the yang (light) half of the yin-yang symbol.

Yin Sea[edit]

Yin Sea came online in June 2007 and was a rentable region. It was the sister sim to Yang Sea. The region was notable for it's island resembling the yin (dark) half of the yin-yang symbol.

Yin Sea was also responsible for finally reconnecting Istaria Prime, Cub Conclave, and Kit Estates to the rest of the Valleys island chain before they moved elsewhere.

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