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Kitsume Aura Ookami in Anthro form
Kitsume Aura Ookami in Feral form

Kitsume Aura Ookami, also known as Kitsume the Wolf (real name Luke Taylor), is is a digital artist and animator from Essex, England. Kitsume is studying for an Animation Diploma at South East Essex College. Kitsume is also a music composer (hobby).


Kitsume's fursona, created in 2008, is a blue wolf with a dark navy mane/ hair, white underbelly, chest and paw tips and dark navy lower legs. in appearance and is mainly seen in feral form rather than the common anthro form that almost all furries adopt. Kitsume has been seen with wings and has bright blue (almost turquoise) line markings under his eyes which have been see to glow (when his aura is used)


Kitsume is part of two universes, Kitsume's own story called: Kitsume - Chronicles of the Valley (Soon to be released as an RPG) and The Chronicles of the Terra in the Novel: Chronicles of the Terra - Wolven Apocalypse (to be released 2012). Both universes are contingently intertwined with each other meaning that Kitsume owns the same powers and abilities in both universes. In the Chronicles of the Valley Kitsume finds out how he got his powers and in the Chronicles of the Terra series he finds out what caused him to get said powers in more detail and how these powers work in a more detailed level of understanding.

Being part of the same group of people with powers he could be named "Halfkind" like everyone else in the COTT series but he is instead classed as just a wolf with powers named Dagger after the short blade he carries in his mouth then later by his real name Kitsume after he comes out of his shell and explains the other universe which he came from. In the COTV he is classed as a Blessed, (a creature empowered with Hyperium)

Kitsume also has the ability to transform like the human Halfkind but instead of transforming into a different animal he obtains extra features:

Transformation class Features
Normal As described above
Transformed Instead of transforming into animal his aura grows
Overdrive Kitsume obtains wings
Killadrive Kitsume is in the typical anthro form. in this form he will adopt a black trench coat, green baggy pants, fingerless gloves (black, sometimes with green stripes), green goggles, a dark navy cape (torn) and his dagger is replaced with a blue katana
Megadrive Kitsume is in the typical Werewolf/ Lycan form (in this form he has less awareness of what he is doing)
Gigadrive He is slightly larger than his Megadrive form but still has the werewolf composure. He is protected with a light-weight, leather-like armour and his katana is a lot larger and with detail.
Terradrive This is unknown as Kitsume never reaches this stage.

Kitsume as a Blessed[edit]

"Like patchwork, universes have always existed side by side, parallel to each other. The Blessed are part of a universe so different to ours, Ruled by a very real God, her name is Wolf, the world eater.

A god who in her own right created her own unique element, and element so diverse it can interchange and manipulate others, Hyperium. Wolf took pride in her creation, she took so much pride that she soon became protective over it. Though she was so protective she still wished to see her new element in action, to mix it with life itself and see what would occur.

to protect over her element Wolf gave birth to six guardians for each world she was bestowing her element to, to watch over her element and to make sure it was spread across each world, like a culture in a Petri dish. The guardians were also the ones to gain knowledge over what makes up each world and to transfer that knowledge to the Hyperium itself so that the Hyperium could then be used to manipulate those elements.

The Guardians of Penumbris gave birth to the cult called the Blessed, Direct ancestors to Wolf herself. with this ancestry they inherited Hyperium and all the power which the element holds giving every Blessed being the power to create and manipulate the world around them. Residing in The Valley of Light’s River they remained unheard of for thousands of years, possibly even more.

This ended 80 years ago when the guardian Fenris took pity on the refugees of the end of the war and lead them to safety in the valley, commanding the Blessed to keep these refugees safe in their land, untouched by war. Fenris and the other guardians gave their word that these new people in their land would never lay a finger on their way of life, for it was their duty as guardians to watch over their children.

The refugees praised the Blessed for their hospitality and the Blessed became their protectors, their warriors. The Refugees became the people of the valley adapting to the wolves’ way of life, becoming tribes people with a skill for building. The people would provide their wolf protectors with improved homes and tools in return for their safety.

Over time more and more beings took up home in the valley and the wolves felt it was time to share their gift with those who wanted it. The wolves opened their arms and alowed whoever was strong of heart enough to join their circle, from man to bear to dragon anyone was allowed to be a part of their cult. to join the Blessed they would have to take part in an initiation ceremony where a blessed wolf would share their blood with the new member of the of their cult and thus sharing a small amount of their powers with them." - an extract of Blessed Lore from it's original conceptualisation.

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