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Kit Drago (commissioned avatar)

Kit Drago (born October 3rd, 1975) is a male DrakkoFelid or Dragon/Caracal hybrid who lives in Maryland, United States of America.

Kit Drago is a founder and the con-chair of Fur the 'More, a furry convention starting in Baltimore, MD in April 2013.

is a Board Trustee of NorthEast Anthropomorphic Association.
is the founder of KDFSnet, a public, furry-friendly public IRC chat network.
is a Managing DJ of "Raging Dragon Radio"[1]
was a DJ and Manager for "Club Moonlight Riviera"[2] in SecondLife.
was an Executive Co-Founder (1 of 5) of Furlaxation, an anthropomorphic convention starting in September 2012.


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  2. Club Moonlight Riviera on Facebook

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