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KMunashii aka Kirara Munashi'i, is a female furry artist who lives in Texas, United States and was born on 1987 in Nicaragua.


[edit] IRL Information

[edit] Quick Facts

  • Kirara has been a furry all of her life, but officially since 1994 when she discovered a community presence on the Internet.
  • She has been to Anthrocon four times (2006-2009).
  • She is fluent in English and Spanish (Spanish being her native tongue).
  • She currently works from home as a Freelance Computer Technician.

[edit] Kirara's Background

Kirara did a few doodles in her time. She also loves to mold things with clay (but never posted any of her clay work anywhere). She used to draw on a daily basis when she was in Middle School through High School but has stopped drawing almost all-together since then, with a few exceptions here and there. Mainly due to stress and lack of inspiration/motivation. When she draws, she prefers to use traditional media (paper, pen, and pencil) which she then scans, re-inks and colours digitally on Photoshop. She is recently beginning to draw more often as well, with a record breaking 3 drawings done within the same month (as opposed to 1 in several months to a year).

She also has a passion for music, especially the electronic kind. She used to DJ on her own Internet radio station back in 2005. Kirara still occasionally DJ's by the name of DJ Füchsin on Second Life (with the account name: Kirara Kawashima). The style of music she enjoys playing is the following (but not limited to): industrial electronica, synthpop, psychedelic trance, hardstyle, jumpstyle, industrial goth, industrial nu-metal, noize, dark ambient, experimental, and darkwave.

She also has a passion for writing but she has not posted her work. And an even bigger passion for driving. She also collects stuffed animals.

[edit] Character Information

[edit] Main Fursona

SL snapshot of Kirara, taken by User:KMunashii (Copyright © 2010).

Name: Kirara Munashi'i
Species: Hokkaidō Fox (Silver Phase; Fox Spirit/Kitsune)
Weight/Height: 190 Lbs / 6'3"
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown (Adult; Apparent age between 18-25).
Body Type: Average; slightly below athletic.
Forms: Human, anthro, feral, and demon.

SL snapshot of Kirara's demon form, taken by User:KMunashii (Copyright © 2010).

Physical Description: Eyes are royal purple-coloured. Fur is as a normal silver-fox (dark grey with white underbelly, white tail tip, black ear tips, and black "socks"). Her teeth reflect the form she is in. Though when angry, they become very sharp (even the ones normally not sharp). Nails/claws are always sharp but get longer when angry. When shape-shifting, she can only choose between human, anthropomorphic (human/animal hybrid), and feral. Her most common form is anthropomorphic.
Personality: She is usually shy until she opens up to you (or is drunk). When she is comfortable, she can become chatty and energetic. She also secretly loves to tease. She does not anger easy, but when she does, watch out.
Clothing: She usually wears Gothic and steampunk style clothing. She loves goggles, clockwork gadgets, chains, straps, spikes, skirts, collars, boots, and fishnet / see-through clothes. She is also known to wear a purple Victorian era dress, a small matching hat (with a black rose and peacock feather), black gloves, and black boots. And lastly, she is also known to (rarely) wear a black kimono (with blood red-coloured patterns).
Special Traits: Shape-shifting, elemental control (Void), illusions, and demonic form (unpredictable and limitations unknown aside from loss of control).
Limitations: When very angry, near death, or scared, she may lose complete control over her own body as her demonic nature takes over and swallows her. Also, regardless of what form she is in, her pupils are always slitted like a cat's, nails/claws are sharp, and tails/ears remain visible. Because of this, she sometimes wears a mask, hat, hood, or a bandanna to hide them.

Art Reference of Kirara's demon form, done by User:KMunashii (Copyright © 2010).

Other Notes: Kirara is, well... Kirara's main fursona and is in a way, a representation of herself.
Disclaimer: Kirara's (IRL) personal spiritual beliefs are not reflected in this character as she is just fiction (obviously).
Special Trait Details: When very angry, scared, or near death, she may shapeshift involuntarily into something more demonic. Her fur first turns completely black, the pupils in her eyes disappear as if in a trance (or lifeless), eyes start glowing red, nails/claws become longer and sharper, she starts taking a more feral/animalistic shape (if not already in an animal or hybrid form), her teeth all become abnormally sharp, and she starts becoming semi-transparent as she starts to resemble a shadow and sinks into the ground or darkness nearby. She may also have spider-leg-like tentacles rip out from her spinal cord with needle-sharp red tips, which excrete a sort of poison that she uses for defense and hunting prey. And in this form, she has the ability to possess others and even stop their heart from beating by moving her paws through the target's chest and crushing it. In this form she can also lose complete control in herself and wreak havoc and destruction on everyone and everything nearby with an unquenching blood-thirst. The more often and longer she is in this form, the bigger the danger of losing herself to her demonic nature.

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