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KMunashii aka Kirara Munashi'i, is a female furry artist who lives in Texas, United States and was born on 1987 in Nicaragua.

IRL Information[edit]

Quick Facts[edit]

  • Kirara has been a furry all of her life, but officially since 1994 when she discovered a community presence on the Internet.
  • She has been to Anthrocon four times (2006-2009).
  • She is fluent in English and Spanish (Spanish being her native tongue).
  • She currently works from home as a freelance [[wikipedia:Computer repair technician|computer technician.

Kirara's Background[edit]

Kirara did a few doodles in her time. She also loves to mold things with clay (but never posted any of her clay work anywhere). She used to draw on a daily basis when she was in Middle School through High School but has stopped drawing almost all-together since then, with a few exceptions here and there. Mainly due to stress and lack of inspiration/motivation. When she draws, she prefers to use traditional media (paper, pen, and pencil) which she then scans, re-inks and colours digitally on Photoshop. She is recently beginning to draw more often as well, with a record breaking 3 drawings done within the same month (as opposed to 1 in several months to a year).

She also has a passion for music, especially the electronic kind. She used to DJ on her own Internet radio station back in 2005. Kirara still[when?] occasionally DJ's by the name of DJ F├╝chsin on Second Life (with the account name: Kirara Kawashima). The style of music she enjoys playing is the following (but not limited to): industrial electronica, synthpop, psychedelic trance, hardstyle, jumpstyle, industrial goth, industrial nu-metal, noize, dark ambient, experimental, and darkwave.

She also has a passion for writing but she has not posted her work. And an even bigger passion for driving. She also collects [stuffed animal]]s.

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