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The kinky turtle or KT (real name: Andrew Mutchler) is a furry artist who attends many conventions and was a special guest of Rocket City FurMeet 2006. He resides in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

KT's artwork includes off-the-wall subject matter and humor, often based off of wordplay. His fursona closely resembles the character Churchy LaFemme from the comic strip Pogo, both in appearance and mannerisms. KT creates "con diaries", his comic strips of events at conventions, and his illustrations of people that he meets as their furry characters.

The name "kinky turtle" is a pun on the old hymn Lead On, O King Eternal.


Teleia is a web comic character created by furry artist Andrew "KinkyTurtle" Mutchler. Shi is a shapeshifting, hermaphrodite fox, capable of growing any organ or appendage at will, anywhere on hir body. Comics with Teleia are in Adult-oriented comics section of KinkyTurtle's website.

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