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Kiniel, as drawn by Tassy.

Kiniel (pron. KIN-ee-ul), is a fursuiter, furry Twitter personality, and local social event organizer who lives in Massachusetts, USA.[1] He is particularly known for his affinity for Twitter #hashtags and for his strong support of the Boston Red Sox.


[edit] Fandom involvement

Kiniel joined the fandom in 2006, although was largely quiet and unknown until his adoption of Twitter as a social platform in 2010. He has since made a variety of friends whom he describes as "amazing," and he reportedly appreciates each and every one of them for putting up with his antics.

[edit] Fursona

Kiniel's fursona is an American Shorthair cat with golden-brown fur and purple eyes.

[edit] Fursuit

Kiniel's fursuit was made by OMG Pineapples and debuted at Furfright in 2012. He is often seen wearing a Red Sox jersey with the number 52 and the name "Kiniel" on the back.

[edit] Convention attendance

[edit] References

  1. Kiniel's profile on Fur Affinity. Retrieved February 16, 2011.

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