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Kings and Vagabonds MUCK was a role-playing MUCK based loosely on a darker version of Disney's The Lion King, beginning from Mufasa's cubhood. It was first begun in September 2006, but with the closing of Endless Round MUCK in early October, Kings and Vagabonds MUCK was hurried forward and had a server up within the next 7 hours, with people roleplaying within a day. Most of the wizards on Kings and Vagabonds were wizards previously on Endless Round. Following its closing after much controversy over the state of the MUCK, work began on Great Circle MUCK to replace Kings and Vagabonds, though the new MUCK never got off the ground.


  • Timon - Headwizard / Programmer
  • Fujo
  • Gituku
  • Zazu

Former wizards[edit]


In early 2007, some issues arose regarding the way the wizards and players were interacting with each other. Some players viewed some of the wizards as being too militant, while some wizards regarded some of the players as being "problem players". Complaints of propositions for TinySex, which is not allowed, were received, but as no hard evidence in the form of logs could be found, no players were punished. One wizard resigned quietly on the basis of lack of player respect. Following this, an ongoing series of disagreements between members of staff on multiple topics ended in several resignations of staff.[1]

One of the wizards, Gituku, posted to the forum in March 2007, stating that 'Kings and Vagabonds Muck is not, and has not been, healthy. Not for a long while." and describing his perception of other wizards' behaviour and attitude.[2] Various wizards and players discussed the post.[3]


  • Pridelands Lion Pride - King Ahadi and Queen Uru
  • Mwenyezi Lion Pride - Queen Kutamani
  • Min'Men Meerkat Colony - Dominant Male Yaro and Dominant Female Zuri
  • Lutogolo Wolf Pack - Alphas Kuchwa and Ak'chaza

Former groups[edit]

  • Graveyard Hyena Clan
  • Kiruuke Feline Sisterhood - High Matriarch Huruma
  • Palandasya Lion Pride - Kings Chioh & Hukumu and Queens Akase & Sauti
  • Wahamishi Wild Dog Pack - Alphas Uchenna and Lulu


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