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Equivamp's fursona.
Equivamp's ponysona, drawn by Kamirah.

Kile "Equivamp" Onasi (born January 26, 1996) is an artist living in the Little Ozarks.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Equivamp is active in the furry, Star Wars, and My Little Pony fandoms. They[1] are a WikiFur Colleague[2] and an erstwhile Flayrah contributor, in addition to attending BDSM munches in the Kansas City area and a small video game convention in southeast Kansas.

Convention attendance[edit]


Equivamp's fursona is "a sexually ambiguous zebra pegasus who dresses flamboyantly and loves life",[3] as is their ponysona. On Second Life, they play a micro zebra.

A fursuit of the zebra pegasus character was built by Junius Arrakis in 2015.[4]


Encyclopædia Dramatica[edit]

Equivamp was once a frequent editor to the satirical wiki Encyclopædia Dramatica,[5] even gaining some privileges such as the ability to quickly roll back edits.[6] An earlier version of their user page stated that they would "help with the furry articles",[7] something they have done, in addition to the start of several new articles.[8] For a while they were also caretaker of the site's "FurFaggotry Portal".[9] They have since stated that they do not "have time for [the] site any more."[10]

Equivamp has stated that Encyclopedia Dramatica is simply for laughs, "or, more precisely, lulz," and does not affect adversely their views on furries, be it personally or as a whole.[citation needed] At any rate, being an EDiot has not stopped other users from writing an article about them.[11] Members of ED's IRC also wrote an Urban Dictionary definition of them.[12]

As of mid-2013, Equivamp was more active on ED's forum and IRC than its wiki, but slowly faded from activity by 2014. Equivamp's administrative privileges were removed in mid-2015 due to inactivity.[13]

Fur Affinity suspension[edit]

In August 2011, Equivamp was suspended for a week from the furry art site Fur Affinity due to comments left on the suicide journal of Gizgiz, that were considered by Fur Affinity staff to be harassment.[14] Equivamp maintains that the suspension was unjust for the reasons given.[15]

After being suspended, Equivamp opened up a second account,[16] despite it being against Fur Affinity's TOS to use an alt while suspended. This account was subsequently also suspended (permanently) when discovered by Fur Affinity's administrators. After their suspension ended, Equivamp returned to Fur Affinity, but they chose to leave in February 2014,[17] citing the website's recruitment of Adam "Zaush" Wan to its "Phoenix Team".


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